Red, yellow, green and blue Google Pay logo

If your phone can download the Google Pay app from Google Play, then you can add supported payment cards and use it to make contactless payments.

If you're unsure whether your payment card is compatible with Google Pay, check with your card issuer.

If you use Google Pay with a payment card issued outside the UK you may be charged overseas transaction fees. Some may not work - check with your card issuer.

Setting up Google Pay

Setting up Google Pay is simple - find out how on the Google website.

Always use the same payment method

If you use both Google Pay and your contactless payment card to travel, they'll be treated as separate payment devices. You need to choose which one you want to pay with and use the same one for all your travel. If you don't, you:

Using Google Pay on our services

Using Google Pay is similar to using pay as you go with a contactless payment card. You need to touch in and out on rail services, Emirates Air Line and Thames Clippers River Bus services to pay the right fare, but only touch in on buses and trams.

When you touch your phone on a card reader, you should:

  • Make sure that the phone screen is 'on'
  • Touch the top half of your phone (where the antenna is) flat on the card reader

Watch out for card clash

If you keep a contactless payment or Oyster card in your phone case, you should remove it before using Google Pay to touch in and out. If you don't, you could pay for your travel with a card you did not intend to pay with.

Make sure you have enough battery

Your phone must be switched on to use it to travel. You should also check that you have enough battery on your phone to complete your journey. If you don't and:

  • The battery runs out during a rail journey, you won't be able to touch out at the end and could be charged a maximum fare
  • An inspector asks you to touch your phone on their reader, it won't be able to be read and you could be liable for a penalty fare

Adding Google Pay to your account

You can see a recent history of journeys you've made in the Google Pay app, and the total payment for the previous day's travel.

However, if you want to see your full journey and payment history, create a contactless and Oyster account and add the credit or debit card you use with Google Pay. You can also:

  • Get email alerts if there's an issue with your account which might stop you from using your phone to travel
  • Apply for refunds for incomplete journeys
  • Download your payment and journey history as a .csv or .pdf file
  • Pay unpaid fares

To create an account, you need your (plastic) card account details:

  • Full card number (as printed on the card)
  • Expiry date
  • The security code (CVV)

Once you've added your card details, you will be able to see Google Pay as a separate card record in your contactless and Oyster account. You will also see your card if it has been used to travel on our services.

  • Initially, your card and Google Pay will look identical on the 'my cards' screen
  • You are advised to use nicknames (e.g. 'my phone' or 'my Google Pay') to distinguish between them

If you don't have an account

You can call us on 0343 222 1234 (TfL call charges). You will need to provide your card account details (card number, expiry date and security code) to enable our agents to see your journey and payment history.