When you use contactless you are charged an adult-rate pay as you go fare each time you make a journey. You can also benefit from daily and weekly capping.

We calculate the best fare for each day or week, depending on where and when you have travelled, by:

  • Adding up the cost of all the journeys you make each day and applying a daily cap if appropriate
  • Adding up the cost of all the journeys you make in a week and applying a weekly cap if appropriate. Please note that a week always ends on a Sunday, although a cap will be applied earlier if you reach one

You can see your detailed journey history if you create a contactless and Oyster account.

You can see your last 7 days of journey history if you sign in as a guest (you'll go to a security check page first).

You can see the pay as you go fares between any two stations in the single fare finder or check the bus and tram fares tables.

When do we charge you?

When you use contactless to travel, we take a single payment at the end of each day for all the journeys you made, so you're usually charged for your travel the day after.

Incomplete journey information

Occasionally, we don't get complete information for all your journeys by the end of the day.

  • If data arrives up to three days late, we will adjust the end of day charge on the day we get the data to account for the new journey information
  • If data arrives more than three days and up to eight weeks late, we will issue a refund if appropriate

If we have late data, the transaction date shown on your card issuer statement may not be the date that you travelled.

If there is an incomplete journey on your card we will delay requesting the daily charge from your card issuer in case the journey information comes through to us a bit later.

When this happens, we won't charge a maximum fare until we are confident that we have all the information about the journey you made, so you may not be charged until a couple of days after you have travelled.

Unpaid fares

Sometimes your card may be accepted by our card readers, but the payment is subsequently declined by your card issuer. If this happens:

  • It means that you have made a journey which you have not paid for
  • You will not be able to use your card again to travel until you have cleared the unpaid fare

Find out how to clear an unpaid fare.

Please note that if an unpaid fare is successfully cleared, the payment could appear on your card issuer statement up to 30 days after you travelled.


You can apply for a refund for a maximum fare charged for an incomplete journey. Wherever possible, refunds will be offset against your daily travel charge.

Find out how to get a refund if you didn't touch in or out.

Discounted travel

Discounts can't be added to a contactless card, mobile phone or other contactless device, so if you are eligible for free or discounted travel, you should continue using your existing Oyster card or Oyster photocard.

Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes

You can't add Travelcards or Bus & Tram Passes to a contactless card, mobile phone or other contactless device. If you want to continue using these, you should use your existing Oyster card or Oyster photocard.

Travelling with others

If you're travelling with other people, each person must have their own card. You can't share the same contactless card to pay for travel.