Apprentice Oyster photocard

Benefits and eligibility

Get 30% off adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

To be eligible for an Apprentice Oyster photocard you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over and
  • Live in a London borough and
  • Be enrolled on an apprenticeship* with a further education college or training organisation for a minimum of 12 months and
  • Be in the first 12 months of your apprenticeship

*The apprenticeship must be SASE (Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in England) compliant or an approved standard. It should be delivered by a further education college or training organisation that is approved, or funded by, the Skills Funding Agency.

You're not eligible for an Apprenticeship Oyster photocard if you:

  • Live outside London, even if your apprenticeship is in London
  • Already have an Oyster photocard, a Freedom Pass or a Bus & Tram Discount photocard
  • Are on a planned break from your apprenticeship learning
  • Are on a pre-Apprenticeship Access programme

If you're unclear about your eligibility, speak to your apprenticeship training provider.

How much do I save?

If you have an Apprentice Oyster photocard, you will save 30% off the price of adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

If you live near your workplace and only make a few journeys, you might not need a Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass. Instead, you might be better off using pay as you go at the adult rate.

How do I apply?

You must apply online for your Apprentice Oyster photocard.

You'll need:

  • Your Unique Learner Number (ULN)
  • A UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) 
  • A colour, digital photo to upload
  • An valid and active email address 
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay the £20 administration fee

Both your Unique Learner Number and UK Provider Reference Number will be supplied by your apprenticeship training provider. Talk to them if you haven't got these yet.

Applicants can only apply once they're fully enrolled with a training provider on an apprenticeship that is SASE (Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England) compliant.

Your colour, digital photo must be:

  • A true likeness of you
  • A full face photo of your head and shoulders with your full face clearly visible

You should not be wearing anything that covers your head unless it is consistently worn for religious or medical reasons.

If your photo doesn't meet these guidelines, it will be rejected.

An Oyster photocard account will be set up for you when you apply. You can use it to check the progress of your application and correct any mistakes.

Application status

You can check the status of your application by:

  • Signing in to your Oyster photocard account
  • Texting the application reference number to 07624 809 330 - you'll receive a response from our SMS service (standard network charges apply and can vary considerably, so please check with your mobile service provider)

If your application is successful, we'll post your Apprentice Oyster photocard to the address you provided on your application. If you haven't received your card within two weeks of applying, please check progress in your Apprentice Oyster photocard account.

How do I use it?

You can use your Apprentice Oyster photocard once you've added a Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass season ticket, or when you've added credit to pay as you go. Pay as you go fares are charged at the adult rate.

Touching in and out

Remember to touch in and out on the yellow card readers so we know where your journey starts and ends and can charge you the right fare if you're using pay as you go. It's slightly different for each type of transport. Find out more about touching in and out.

Buying tickets and topping up

You can top up your pay as you go credit and buy Travelcards for your Apprentice Oyster photocard online. You can only do this via your Apprentice Oyster photocard account. If you try to buy a Travelcard via a contactless and Oyster account, you will be charged the full adult price.

You can also buy discounted Travelcards at Oyster Ticket Stops, Tube stations and Visitor Centres. They can't be bought at National Rail stations.

You can buy discounted Bus & Tram Passes at Oyster Ticket Stops, Tube stations and Visitor Centres. They can't be bought online.

You cannot currently use your Apprentice Oyster photocard with the TfL Oyster app.

Expiry date

Your Apprentice Oyster photocard will be valid for 12 months and will expire on the date shown on the front of the card. If you are removed from, or leave, your apprenticeship early, your Apprentice Oyster photocard will be stopped.

Lost, stolen or damaged cards

Find out what to do if your Apprentice Oyster photocard is lost, stolen or damaged.

See the terms and conditions for Apprentice Oyster photocards.