Aviation - past documents

The content in many of the documents is still relevant because the Government draws heavily on the work of the Airports Commission in its current case for Heathrow expansion.

Some documents refer to options for new London airports which were supported by the previous Mayor, but are no longer London policy. Read more about Mayor Sadiq Khan's position on the London's airports page.

Airports Commission evidence

This report from early 2016 reviews the evidence presented by the Airports Commission Final Report, examines the arguments against an expanded Heathrow making the necessary hub airport and presents the option of a new hub airport located to the East of London. 

Further technical evidence

Further technical work was done as a follow-up to the Airports Commission Final Report and to feed into the 'Landing at the right airport' document. 

Responses to Parliamentary committees

Response to the Transport Select Committee

The Transport Select Committee held an inquiry into surface transport at airports. The inquiry examined whether strategic connections to airports fulfil current and future requirements. The then-Mayor submitted evidence to this inquiry.

Response to the Environmental Audit Committee

The Environmental Audit Committee held an inquiry into the implications for Government commitments on carbon emissions, air quality and noise should the Airports Commission's recommendation of Heathrow expansion be adopted. The then-Mayor submitted evidence to this inquiry.

Response to final recommendation

In July 2015, the Airports Commission published its final report, recommending the expansion of Heathrow airport. The then-Mayor and TfL issued a rebuttal of the Commission's recommendation.

Airport options shortlist response

The then-Mayor responded to the Airports Commission consultation on the shortlisted three airport expansion options. Included is a series topic-specific supplementary papers that assessed the Commission's consultation.

Gateway to our future

This report looks at the possible impact of a new hub airport on London and the South East.

TfL's rebuttal of airport decision

In December 2013, the Airports Commission published a report on airport capacity. The then-Mayor and TfL issued rebuttals of the Commission's decision not to shortlist the proposal for an airport hub on the Inner Thames Estuary.

The then-Mayor's hub airport proposals

When he was Mayor, Boris Johnson promoted three options for a new hub airport serving London located to the east of the Capital.

In July 2013, he submitted detailed technical proposals for each of these three sites to the Airports Commission.

Inner Thames Estuary

Inner Thames Estuary study

The then-Mayor's response to the decision by the Airports Commission to keep an Inner Thames Estuary (ITE) airport option on the list of options under consideration.

Inner Thames Estuary reports

An Inner Thames Estuary airport option on the list of options under consideration.

Supporting technical evidence

Technical reports provided details about the then-Mayor's three submissions to the Airports Commission for a new airport.

Airports Commission submissions

Other documents