Women in transport profiles


Janette Bowes

Programme manager, TfL
Since joining us in 1983, Janette has worked in eight different roles across the business. She now works in Customer Experience as a programme manager.

Claudia Corrigan

Principal strategy planner, TfL
Claudia has been with us for five years and has been in the cycling strategy team for nearly two years.

Michele Dix

Managing director, Crossrail 2
Michele was recognised with a CBE in the 2015 New Year's Honours list.

Lilli Matson 

Head of strategy and outcome planning
Lilli's team works with all areas of TfL to help set the strategic direction for Surface Transport's operations and investment.

Nazir Moya 

Business operations manager, Transport Planning
Nazir is involved in a number of areas, including recruitment, accommodation moves, finance, procurement and coaching.

Project Management

Christine Fitzgerald

Education and training project manager, TfL
Christine's role focuses on road safety and active travel for pre-school and post-16 young people in education.

Sylvie Glossop

Assistant project manager, TfL
Sylvie has been lucky to work on a wide range of interesting and high-profile projects, such as the Tour de France.

Helena Moretti 

Project management graduate, TfL
Helena loves the flexibility her graduate scheme gives her to move around the business and get involved with a variety of projects.


Nisrine Chartouney

Civil engineer, Bechtel
Nine years ago, Nisrine started working in transport as a field engineer on a highway in Texas. Since then, she has supported the construction of a major motorway in Romania and now works at Crossrail.

 Zoe Dobell

Project engineer, TfL
Zoe is a project engineer in the Bakerloo, Central, and Victoria line Upgrades team.

Priya Floyd 

Principal network impact assessment engineer
Priya assesses the impact of proposals on the road network and its users. She also develops strategies for minimising these impacts.

 Helena Garrick

Lead design engineer, TfL
Helena Garrick is a lead design engineer for outcomes design engineering and oversees the Bus Priority Programme.

 Felicity Luckett

Team leader, TfL
Felicity joined us on the traffic signal engineers scheme nine years ago. She now works as a team leader in Traffic Operations.

 Dima Nasr

Aeronautical engineering instructor, Balamand Institute of Aeronautics
Dima teaches a number of topics but Gas Turbine Engines - Theory and Application is her most frequent teaching topic.

Rand Watkins 

Lead project engineer/ lead tunnel engineer
Rand's career as an engineer has led her to work in Singapore, Dubai and Qatar.


Katherine Abraham

Portfolio sponsor, TfL
Katherine joined us 13 years ago as a trainee on the civil engineering graduate scheme. Following maternity leave, she was promoted to senior programme sponsor.

Jane Commons 

Business development manager, London River Services, TfL
Jane's team is focused on hitting the mayoral target of 12 million yearly river passengers by 2020.

Stella Gardiner 

Environmental advisor, TfL
Stella enjoys her role which helps to protect the variety of wildlife alongside railway areas.

 Allie MacAdam

Managing director - Infrastructure, Bechtel (Europe and Africa)
Allie started as a project manager on the Central Artery highway in Boston, US. After working on London's St Pancras station refurbishment, she now manages Bechtel's infrastructure business in Europe and Africa.

Sarah Turnbull 

Acting portfolio sponsor
Sarah is responsible for the delivery of the Mayor's flagship cycle route, the East-West Cycle Superhighway.


Alero Abbey

Area manager, TfL
Alero loves the versatility of her role and being able to influence what is created at stations.

Helen Aska

Tower Transit, operations manager
Helen is responsible for Westbourne Park garage operations and its 245 bus drivers, controllers, managers and admin staff.

 Susan Bates

Staff manager, Tower Transit
Formerly an accountant for the MoD in Germany, Susan changed career to become a bus driver. She now manages 245 bus drivers at Westbourne Park bus depot.

Jacky Carter

TfL network duty manager
Jacky has worked in the control centre for London Buses, CentreComm, since 2003. She joined us in 1978 as a bus driver after leaving the army.

 Donna Clarke

TfL track access controller
Donna joined London Underground 15 years ago as a station assistant and has worked as a track access controller for the past 11 years.

Florentina Cristea

Customer service assistant (CSA), TfL
Florentina is a CSA on the London Underground. She fulfilled her childhood dream when she started work at Bank Monument station two years ago.

Sharon Davidson 

Bus driver, London United
Sharon's job is perfect for her because she enjoys driving and likes working with people.

Siwan Hayward 

Deputy director, Enforcement and On-Street Operations, TfL
Siwan's team work in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and the British Transport Police to make travelling in London safer.

 Susan Jackman

Volunteering manager, TfL
Susan manages our travel ambassadors and helps to keep London moving during service disruption and busy events.

Anne Maningas 

Train operator, TfL
After joining London Underground as a customer service assistant in 2007, Anne qualified as a train operator in 2011.

 Sarah O'Brien

Network operations manager, TfL
Sarah joined London Underground in 1997. She now works as a duty network operations manager.

Lynn Rippelmeyer

Retired pilot and first woman to fly a Boeing 747 across the Atlantic
Lynn loved working in transport because of the people, the camaraderie, freedom, and travel.

Mary Sithole

National Express customer services assistant
Mary's role involves delivering excellent customer service and improving the customer's experience.

 Aisha Tague

TfL area station manager
Aisha joined London Underground 11 years. She as been a customer service assistant, a duty station manager and is now an area station manager.


Emily Herreras Griffiths

Julie Dixon

TfL, Head of Marketing Services
Since joining TfL in 2007, Julie has coordinated Poppy Day across the network, ensuring that all vehicles display poppies while making the message as far reaching as possible.

Wendy Neville

Head of Communications and Marketing - London Transport Museum
Wendy manages the museum's marketing activity, including press, online and social media, and corporate venue hire.

Hannah Steele

Apprentice - London Transport Museum Battle Bus learning programme
Hannah's role involves engaging young people with London's social history and its transport.

Chantal Thorpe

TfL Knowledge & Engagement officer
Chantel started as a customer service agent for the Oyster Card helpline in 2007. She is now a Knowledge & Engagement officer in contact centre operations.

Chelcie Whitmore

TfL graduate
Chelcie joined our graduate scheme in 2013 and is currently working in Employee Communications and Engagement.


Lauren Sager Weinstein

TfL Head of Analytics
Lauren has been with us since 2002 and has been Head of Analytics in Customer Experience since 2011.