Improving customer service

All stations will continue to remain staffed at all times, and there will be more staff available to offer assistance to customers where it is needed most. We are phasing the station changes so that any major events and engineering works are avoided.

What you can expect to see:

Changes to how passengers are served

  • All station staff are receiving customer service training and will be equipped with portable hand-held devices loaded with information needed to help customers get around, including maps, live service levels, Journey Planner, ticketing options and prices and local information
  • This training includes including elements designed and delivered by disabled people on how best to assist disabled customers. Find out about this accessibility training in our film

Improvements to ticketing facilities

  • Customers will be able to buy most tickets at every station. Selected tickets can also be bought over the phone at our London-based contact centre or online
  • All ticket machines have been improved so that our staff will be able to resolve problems on the spot
  • All improved machines, which offer guidance in 17 languages, will sell most ticket types currently available at ticket offices, with a few exceptions such as annual season tickets, which will be available online
  • We are also adding 150 new ticket machines across the network to help customers get the ticket they need
  • There are a range of options and ways to pay for your travel. For most people, pay as you go with contactless or Oyster is the best option as it offers value, flexibility and convenience

For more details, see our guide on other ways of buying tickets and getting information.

New visitor centre

Enhanced station facilities

We will be making best use of station space and improving facilities for staff and customers including:

  • New ticket machine suites at selected stations
  • Improved staff accommodation
  • Improved customer information in every station - including maps and signage
  • Improved retail, shops and restaurants

Customers across the Tube network are already benefitting from our station improvement works. Take a look at the changes we have made to four of our Tube stations.

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