This is the body content area.

Use the 'T' symbol above to paste in content, the link symbol to create links, the B to bold and the bullet tool to - well, you get the idea.

Source view will show you the HTML, but you need to be back on this view to save your changes.

To create a heading, Select Heading 2 or Heading 3 from the drop down under Normal.

You can only add text to this area - to add an image for the text to wrap around you need a specific module.

To see your page on staging, go to

This is my first draft.

This is my change.

And a subsequent change.

Final change...

Secret garden

Some text that will wrap around this image, which should be displayed to the right when you see it on staging or on live, but not inside RedDot.

Description of image in plain English

This is some text that will automatically wrap around any image added to this module. Use this module if you want an image at the top - you can't add images to the body content.