Road Safety Club

Nursery settings

This programme is a fun and easy way for you to teach road safety skills to 3-4-year-olds in your setting and raise their awareness of how to behave safely on, and around the road.

Through the campaign, you'll meet three loveable characters - Liv, Jaz & Zeb - who'll help to bring a bit of magic to the lessons and show kids how it's done.

We're committed to achieving the Mayor's vision of reducing the number of people killed, or seriously injured, on London's roads to zero. By teaching very young children precious safety skills, this programme will be crucial in helping us reach this goal.

If you are a childcare provider or early years teacher, you can sign up today to receive a Road Safety Club pack.

Watch the new Road Safety Club song and video.

The easy-to-use pack includes:

  • An activity guide briefing sheet for pre-school leaders
  • Sticker sheet and activity postcard for each child
  • A poster to display in your early years setting
  • And loads of fun! 

Families and carers

We urge you to tell your child's nursery, childminder or pre-school about the programme and get as many to sign up as possible. 

You can also learn along at home with our easy-to-use activity sheets.

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