TfL makes it easier to report problems on London’s streets

16 December 2019

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new service that makes it much simpler for people across London to report problems on the road network and at bus stops and shelters, making travelling around London easier and safer.

The new TfL Street Care service, available at, allows people to use an online map and a short, simple form to let TfL know about problems related to roadworks, potholes and damaged bus shelters and traffic lights. TfL will then investigate problems reported through the service.

As well as showing whether the problem has already been reported to TfL, the map allows everyone to see what action has been taken to fix the issue. This will give people a greater understanding of the work TfL is doing to fix London’s road network and also make it easier for people to find out when problems have been fixed.

TfL is responsible for the busiest roads in the capital, known as red routes. These make up five per cent of London’s roads but carry 30 per cent of the traffic. The new Street Care service will automatically detect whether a problem is on TfL’s network or on roads controlled by a London borough or another authority. If the problem is on another authority’s roads, the service will send the details of it to the relevant team.

The TfL Street Care service can also be used to report a wide range of other issues on the road network, including graffiti and flyposting, problems with hoardings, scaffolding, mobile cranes, street lights and damaged trees.

Street Care has been developed with not-for-profit social enterprise mySociety, which develops new technology that gives people the power to get things changed.

Glynn Barton, TfL’s Director of Network Management, said: “We work around the clock to keep our road network safe and in a good state of repair and want to make it as easy as possible for people to report issues when they find them. The TfL Street Care service will give people more information about the work we are doing on London’s road network and at bus stops and reassure Londoners that we really care about getting things fixed.”

Mark Cridge, Chief Executive of mySociety, said: “This is a great step forward and shows just how well our platform can knit in with other systems to ultimately produce more connected, efficient city services.”  

The TfL Street Care service is available at