Transport for London opens up Kingsland Road arches for business

24 October 2017

Transport for London (TfL) has today announced that it has been granted planning permission to transform a stretch of seven commercial units in the East London Line railway arches in Shoreditch.

The arches and associated office space, which are located close to the junction of Kingsland Road and Old Street, will be renovated to create an expanded space, opening up opportunities for retail, food and drink outlets. This investment will help create a new focal point for businesses in the area, encouraging new opportunities for jobs for local people. A large number of independent retailers and small chains are located on TfL's transport network and the units at Kingsland arches are likely to attract similar businesses.

As part of the transformation, new attractive glass shop fronts will be installed and works will be undertaken to incorporate the ground floor of 5 Kingsland Road into the arches behind the building. In order to reflect the heritage, the stone work, currently located under the windows at the front, will be retained and relocated within the new buildings. Office space on the first and second floor of 5 Kingsland Road will also be retained.

Graeme Craig, TfL Commercial Development Director, said: `Transforming the arches at Kingsland Road will bring a new lease of life to these vacant units, while maintaining the character of the area. They will provide a new location for business to thrive and are one of the many ways that we are raising vital revenue to reinvest in the transport network.'

TfL has appointed Fletcher Priest Architects to work on the project.

Ed Williams, Partner at Fletcher Priest Architects, said: `Revealing the arches and engaging with the high street adds another enticing layer of diversity to the Old Shoreditch Station area and beyond. Fletcher Priest Architects are eager to see this project develop with the quality and attention to detail it deserves.'

Across the Capital, TfL owns approximately 700 commercial arches, conventionally viewed as only suitable for storage or light industrial use. Increasingly, TfL has begun to assess the current use of each arch and what changes might be most welcomed in the local area. Examples include converting railway arches into The Beagle restaurant in Hoxton, the Warren Evans furniture showroom in Hammersmith and Arch Studios, a music studio in Stamford Brook.

Last year, TfL also announced plans to open 31 railway arches near Wood Lane Tube station. TfL has received planning permission from Hammersmith & Fulham Council to transform these arches into a diverse mix of commercial, leisure and retail space as well as creating new pedestrian passageways to improve connectivity in the neighbourhood and introduce new cycle parking. We are already on site for the first phase of works.

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