London Underground showcases the station design of the future

05 June 2015

From today, Londoners can take a look in to the future of London Underground stations at an exhibition at design agency Studio Egret West (SEW). The exhibition showcases London Underground's new design vision, which has been developed with SEW to ensure future station design builds upon the network's heritage and provides customers with welcoming, comfortable and easy journeys.

Current research shows a significant relationship between customer satisfaction and good quality, well designed spaces. The heritage of high quality design is evident across the Underground network - from the iconic Tube map, originally designed by Harry Beck, to the world-famous roundel logo, to the striking architecture of many Tube. However, there remain opportunities to make further improvements to station environments and further enhance customer journeys.

The vision outlined in the London Underground Station Design Idiom, which will be published in full later this year, covers every aspect of station architecture and ambience from pavement to platform. It provides a set of design principles that will be applied to every style of station and every project, from small-scale repairs to major refurbishments and new stations. This will ensure stations are built and developed with uniformly high standards of design which retain and celebrate individuality and local character while forming part of a cohesive network.

The principles mean that LU will conserve and create stations that:

  • Provide simple, clean and uncluttered spaces for the benefit of customers
  • Represent London's rich heritage and contemporary culture
  • Act as a focal point of the local community
  • Showcase London's distinctive architecture

Later this summer TfL will launch Transported by Design, a series of events and exhibitions that explore good design on the transport network and its role in the lives of the millions of customers who use it each day.

Gareth Powell, London Underground's Director of Strategy & Service Development, said: `This work builds on the iconic design heritage of London Underground to help inspire great design in all our new projects, which are required to meet rising demand and changing customer expectations. This will enable us to continue to provide customers with welcoming, easy and uplifting journeys.'

David West from Studio Egret West said: `We are delighted to be involved in the London Underground Station Design Idiom project at such a pivotal point in the network's evolution. Not since the days of Frank Pick has there been such an opportunity to holistically rethink the network's design approach. The exhibition; 'Pavement to Platform' showcases the London Underground Station Design Idiom which has one simple aim: to enhance the customer experience at every level through good design. The exhibition highlights the main themes and underlying design principles, showing the future of the Underground from the pavement through the station to the platform.'

The exhibition 'Pavement to Platform' will be at Studio Egret West, 3 Brewhouse Yard, EC1V 4JQ until 16th June (admission free, by appointment only between 8th June - 16th June, email:

For further information, images or interview opportunities with London Underground or SEW contact TfL Press Office.