London Underground Statement on Further Strike Threats

11 August 2015

Steve Griffiths, London Underground's Chief Operating Officer, said:

`Our customers and London's businesses want to see this dispute resolved and we call on the unions to engage in calm and realistic discussion with us to achieve that

`Yesterday, however, and having previously argued that it was 'not about money', the RMT leadership made further demands for unaffordable pay rises and the hiring of even more staff - including the reversal of the modernisation of customer service in LU stations. They expect our customers to pick up a bill running into hundreds of millions of pounds for this through higher fares or by forcing us to cut back investment to improve Tube services in a rapidly growing city. No responsible management can give in to such demands.

`We have reiterated our intention to keep talking and listening and have shown flexibility by putting forward a very fair revised offer, which recognises the introduction of Night Tube services. Our offer guarantees the same number of weekends off as they have today, rewards our hard working staff and provides the work-life flexibility that we know is important.

`The Night Tube will run for two days a week, on Friday and Saturday nights, and on five of our eleven Tube lines - the Jubilee, Piccadilly, Central, Northern and Victoria lines. No one will be asked to work more hours than they do today, everybody remains entitled to two days off in seven, and annual leave entitlements are unchanged - 43 days for drivers and 52 days for station staff.

`New rosters were never going to be 'imposed' - we shared them with staff for consultation and so they can see for themselves how the Night Tube will affect them. Staff will still be able to swap shifts around so that they can work at the times which best suit them.

`Our pay offer is fair and realistic, including an above-inflation increase this year, inflation protected increases in the next two years and a range of bonus payments for the Night Tube.

`To minimise the impact of Night Tube on shift patterns, we have recruited more than 500 extra staff - train operators, station, service control, engineering and maintenance staff. This means we can guarantee that drivers will work the same, or less, weekends than they do now and, after a short transition period, they will have a choice about whether they work Night Tube shifts or not.

`Crime on the Tube is at an all-time low and the largest proportion of our customers at night will be those travelling to and from work. However, safety is our number one priority and we have 100 extra British Transport Police on board to support us.

`Instead of yet more strike threats, we need level headed and sensible discussion on how to deliver a modern transport service for London, alongside fairly rewarding our hardworking staff and protecting their work-life balance. That deal needs to be affordable and sustainable - and certainly not be at the expense of massive fares rises or cuts to Tube improvements - and can only be agreed around a negotiating table, not through strike threats. We remain ready at all times to meet and negotiate such an agreement for the benefit of our staff, customers and London as a whole. We urge the unions to join us.'

RMT demands

  • Guaranteed above inflation pay rises into the future
  • A 32 hour, 4 day week and no Night Tube duties, even though LU staff are already employed on 24-hour contracts
  • Bonus payments designed to cover a short transitional period to be paid for ever even after drivers have the choice whether or not to work Night Tube shifts
  • Payments for Night Tube to be made to staff on lines where the Night Tube will not even be operating
  • Rehiring hundreds of staff for back office jobs that Oyster, contactless payment and other modernisation mean no longer need to be performed

The LU revised pay offer and guarantees

  • 3-year offer (from April 2015) - guaranteed pay rise for each year:
  • Average increase on basic salary of 2% for 2015, made up of 1%
    annual pay increase (equivalent to RPI) plus £500 consolidated flat rate increase recognising the introduction of Night Tube
  • RPI or 1% (whichever greater) pay increase for 2016 and 2017
  • £500 non-consolidated launch payment to all staff on Night Tube lines or at stations serving these lines
  • Guaranteed equivalent launch payment for future Night Tube lines
  • £500 non-consolidated payment at the successful launch of the new Fit for the Future - Stations model for station staff everybody remains entitled to two days off in seven, and annual leave entitlements are unchanged - 43 days for drivers and 52 days for station staff.

What Night Tube means for train operators:

  • Commitment to choice - in the future, train operators will be able to choose whether or not they work Night Tube duties
  • Transition payments - until we move to new rosters for trains, train operators at Night Tube depots will receive a £200 payment per Night Tube shift worked
  • Same number of weekends off as today after the implementation of Night Tube.

What Night Tube means for station teams

  • Customer Service Assistants - unlikely they will work extra shifts, at most will work 3 extra nights per year at some locations. Plus 345 new part-time CSAs recruited on Night Tube lines and stations
  • Station supervisors - small number of night shifts
  • Interim rosters for Night Tube from September to February - mainly affecting new part-time CSAs and some reserve station supervisors. New integrated rosters from 2016

What Night Tube means for service control

  • Those in some control rooms may work up to four extra nights per year, but with no increase in overall hours from today
  • Extra line information specialists to be recruited to provide 24/7 cover where required

What Night Tube means for maintenance

  • No change to rosters or working arrangements for those in Fleet & Trains and Stations & Structural Maintenance teams
  • Some Track & Signals teams in BCV will need to move their rosters to Sun - Thurs (from Mon - Fri)