Summer Poems on the Underground

15 July 2014

Passengers using the Tube will be able to see the opening stanza of Thomas's famous poem 'Fern Hill', as well as poems by four living Welsh poets: Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales, and Gwyneth Lews, former National Poet, Dannie Abse and Owen Sheers. 

In addition to the Welsh poems, Poems on the Underground is commemorating the poetry of Gerard Benson, co-founder and co-editor of Poems on the Underground since the programme started in 1986, who sadly passed away in April.

His poem 'In a Young Time' is featured in the summer poems as a tribute to his unique contribution to the project. 

Judith Chernaik, writer and editor and founder of Poems on the Underground, said:

'It's a great pleasure to share this wonderful poetry, so evocative of Welsh history and landscape, with London's travelling public.'

Poems on the Underground, founded in 1986, aims to bring poetry to a wider audience.

It helps to make journeys more interesting by showcasing a diverse range of poetry, including classical, contemporary, international and work by new poets in Tube train carriages across London. 


Notes to Editors:
  • Copies of the Summer Poems on the Underground are available from the Press Office on request.
  • Poems on the Underground has just had its Arts Council funding as a 'National Portfolio Organisation' confirmed for 2015-2018.
  • Poems on the Underground: A New Edition (Penguin 2012) is available at all good bookshops.
  • This latest set of Poems on the Underground is supported by Arts Council England, the British Council, the Welsh Government Office (DT100) as well as Transport for London.