TfL publishes London Travel Report 2003

19 January 2004

Key findings of the Report (covering the period 2002/03) include:

  • Bus travel continued to grow strongly in the Capital, up 7% to an average of 4.2million* trips a day - up 20% on 5 years ago; bus use continued to decline in the rest of the country;
  • Travel on the Docklands Light Railway increased by 11%, twice the level of 5 years ago;
  • Underground travel fell by 1%, but is still 13% higher than 5 years ago;
  • Use of London River Services has increased by 10% in the last 3 years.
  • Greater London road casualties fell slightly in 2002. Total casualties fell by around 10% on the previous decade.

Increased investment in London's buses has continued to deliver improvements to the network.

  • There were over 1.5 billion passenger journeys on the buses during the year - higher than at any time since 1971.
  • Buses continued to become more affordable - bus fares paid per journey have declined in real terms since 1999 and are the lowest since 1971.

Commissioner of Transport for London, Bob Kiley said,

"These figures demonstrate another year of improvement for London's transport system, particularly London's buses. Increased investment has continued to deliver strong growth - giving us the highest number of bus passengers in over 30 years.
"However, there is still much to do. TfL will continue to argue for increased funds to invest in London's transport system to give the Capital the world class public transport it needs".
  • Media enquiries: please call the TfL News Desk on 020 7941 4141.
  • The Report covers transport in the Capital over the year to April 2003 except where stated.
  • * There are 5.4 million trips every weekday according to latest figures from London Buses.
  • The Report covers the period before London Underground transferred to Transport for London.
  • The Report is available on the TfL website.