All aboard for more frequent wheelchair and buggy-friendly buses in West London

20 January 2004

The service will increase to a bus every four minutes in the morning peak and all of the 32 new double decks are fitted with CCTV for extra security and exhaust particulate traps for cleaner emissions.

London Buses Director of Performance Clare Kavanagh said:

"The Routemasters on this route are around 40 years old and at the end of their effective lives. They are being replaced by a fleet of the latest easy-access, low-floor buses which are more convenient for passengers, particularly those with children, shopping or mobility problems."

Greater London Action on Disability Director of Policy and Projects Brenda Ellis said:

"I'm delighted to see that more of the old Routemaster buses are to be replaced with more accessible vehicles. This will ensure that the 94 is open for use to everyone."

  1. Route 94 is run by London United on behalf of London Buses. It will operate under a new Quality Incentive Contract where operators are incentivised to achieve set quality and reliability targets.
  2. London Buses manages bus services in London for the Mayor's Transport for London. It plans routes, specifies service levels and monitors service quality. It is also responsible for bus stations, bus stops, security initiatives and passenger information. The bus services are operated by private operators, which work under contract to London Buses.
  3. The London bus network is one of the largest and most comprehensive urban systems in the world. Each weekday 7,500 London buses carry 5.4 million passengers on more than 700 different routes.

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