Correction to Congestion Charging Monitoring Report: Update on scheme impacts and operations, February 2004 and Press Release No. 932

17 February 2004

The correct text should read as follows:

Page 1, 8th bullet point should read:

"Surveys of over 700 businesses inside and immediately outside the charging zone have shown that wider economic and other factors were reported most frequently as influences on recent business performance; congestion charging constituted only 12 percent of the reported influences."

Page 1, 9th bullet point, and page 21, paragraph 4.16, and paragraph 6 of press release no. 932, should read:

"When asked if the business supports congestion charging as long as there is continued investment in public transport, around 60 percent of the surveyed businesses agreed; around 20 percent of businesses disagreed and 20 percent with no change or don't know."

Page 18, paragraph 3.1, fourth bullet point, should read:

"15 to 25 percent of the reduction in car movements is a result of the occupants switching to other forms of transport or making other adaptations."