Children's Traffic Club Goes London Wide

02 February 2004

TfL's Surface Transport Managing Director, Peter Hendy, and Deputy London Mayor, Jenny Jones, are being assisted by children from Harbinger Primary School at the launch to show that learning about potentially life saving road safety can be fun too.

The Children's Traffic Club will be launched at 10.30am at the Britannia Hotel, Marsh Wall, London E14.

The children from Harbinger Primary School, Tower Hamlets, will be performing as zebra crossings and traffic lights to show that teaching road safety is fun and educational for young children.

The CTC is free to all 3 year olds and is an effective and proven way to deliver road safety education to pre-school children. Good habits established early last a lifetime and with this in mind the CTC educates both young children and their parents on road safety, ensuring that the road safety message is ingrained from an early age.

TfL is committed to reducing the number of children hurt on London's roads by 50% by the year 2010. Over the last three years a staggering 1,935 children have been killed or seriously injured in this way. In areas where the CTC has been running overall child casualties have been reduced by 12%.

Keen to push forward TfL's road safety message Peter Hendy says:

"The Children's Traffic Club is a brilliant scheme for educating children about the dangers they face on London's roads. TfL is funding the Club for all London's pre school children as the cost of casualties on our roads is far too high and we feel the Club could teach the next generation good road safety skills."

Deputy Mayor Jenny Jones says of the scheme:

"There are an estimated 490 children and young adults alive in London today, because of the road safety measures taken over the last twenty years. Road safety works and setting up clubs like this is one of the many things which we are doing in London to save young lives."

Dr Catherine Brogan, Director of Public Health at North Central London Strategic Health Authority, who helped implement the scheme in London says:

"Every year thousands of children are injured or killed on our roads. In a busy, high-traffic area like London, children are particularly at risk so it's vital that we do all that we can to ensure their health and safety. We are delighted that the NHS can contribute in this way to help protect London's children from harm."

Councillor Motin Uz-Zaman, the lead member for environment at Tower Hamlets Council says of their involvement:

"We are delighted that the London-wide initiative is being launched here in Tower Hamlets because children's road safety is an issue that we take very seriously. We look forward to working with TfL to spread the road safety message amongst youngsters and their parents and carers."

Kevin Clinton, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident's Head of Road Safety, supports this forward-thinking initiative and says:

"This is a great initiative by TfL. Providing free road safety education from such an early age will give children the best possible start to a life-time of using the roads safely. "

Photos will be available on request from 2nd February.

A full background and history of the CTC is available from the press office.

The project is fully funded by TfL and the NHS Regional Public Health Development Fund and delivered through the local Primary Care Trusts. The booklets are completely free, paid for by TfL, working in partnership with the Primary Care Trusts and Borough Road Safety Officers. The materials have been developed by DBDA.

All London's 100,000 pre-school children will be able to join the Club now TfL has stepped in with funding, of which 5,500 have already become members since September 2003. TfL has also funded the Nursery/Playgroup packs for all the 3,500 nursery schools, classes and playgroups in London.

Prior to TfL's involvement each individual local authority had to find funding for the Club or parents had to pay.

Parents wishing to find out more can visit

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