Commercial media

Our advertising strategy team are part of our ambitious programme to generate £3.4bn in non-fares revenue over the next ten years. The money generated will be invested back into the transport network and help to keep fares down.

We do this by offering businesses the opportunity to connect with a particularly powerful audience: the London commuter.

Millions of passenger journeys take place across our network every day and our media partners can help you reach this audience. Engaging and entertaining opportunities on the Tube, trains, trams and buses, as well as roadside estate, are a real opportunity.

We can help your business do business by positioning your message in front of this influential, demanding, and active audience.

Advertising policy

Our advertising policy is designed to ensure that fair and consistent guidelines are applied to advertisements across our network. We also work to maintain a safe travelling environment for passengers, and a quality outdoor estate for advertisers. We have recently revised our policy and these revisions came into effect in July 2016.

 Our previous advertising police is still available for reference:

Advertising partnership

Our newly announced advertising partner Exterion Media are turning the Underground into the UK's largest single advertising network.  By installing digital advertising in many of the busiest Underground stations, they are presenting advertising opportunities to the millions of people who use the London Underground each day. Your business message could take over entire platforms, stations or Tube lines.

Our services, now under the new advertising partnership with Exterion Media, include:

  • London Underground
  • London Overground
  • DLR
  • Croydon Tram Link
  • Victoria Coach Station
  • The Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) when operational

Our advertising opportunities also include leaflet and free gifts distribution or stage a marketing events on the London Underground network. Our experiential advertising partners, JCDecaux, can help you every step of the way.



With millions of people using our bus services each day, Exterion Media, our main partner for advertising space on buses, can offer a range of opportunities for bus interiors and exteriors. Alternatively, there is also a digital or static on-street presence run by JCDecaux, our partner for all advertising opportunities on bus shelters. Choose from a variety of media, including traditional poster sites and digital panels.



The Virgin Media London Underground WiFi network is a platform for advertisers to reach the London commuter audience via internet-enabled devices. Available to popular brands, London attractions, retailers and the entertainment industry, this is an opportunity to to engage and captivate an audiences these audiences.

The service is available for Virgin Media, EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three customers in 150 stations (except tunnels), on a tenancy or CPM basis.


Virgin Media Advertising Sales: 0333 000 3463

Taxis & private hire

If you'd like to use London's licensed taxis or private hire vehicles (PHVs) to get your message across, find out more.


We only need to approve advertisements or signs displayed in or on taxis if the advertisement involves an electronic system, or features any language other than English. If your advertising requires changes to the taxi, such as adding a leaflet dispenser, you will need to get technical advice from our Vehicle Policy team.

Private hire vehicles (PHVs)

Commercial advertising is not allowed on licensed PHVs, but some signs and logos showing the licensed private hire operator's name, telephone number and website address are permitted on the rear of the vehicle.


  • Vehicle Policy team, call: 0845 602 7000 (TfL call charges)
  • Advertising enquiries, email:
  • General enquiries, email:
Postal address:
Taxi and Private Hire
Palestra 4th floor (4Y6)
197 Blackfriars Road
Southwark SE1 8NJ


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