Design & heritage

We take the best principles of design and heritage protection to create our property development plans


Our legacy of design excellence is founded on the development of strong principles - from Frank Pick's ideology of moral and civic harmony achieved through the integration of art and design, to Roland Paoletti's six spatial and social principles for the development of the Jubilee line extension.

Facing the challenge of delivering mixed-use projects on our land, and as a response to the six pillars of Good Growth by Design, we have created our own set of principles.

In the future we want to celebrate the contribution our projects make to the life of the city. Taking care over the quality of our designs now, we can ensure that in 50 years' time, people truly enjoy living, working and playing in and around our buildings.

We will act as long term stewards of these public assets in a way that puts people at the heart of development.


Our transport network - including the Tube with its roundel - our graphic design and our iconic listed stations, buildings and structures are synonymous with London. We work to ensure that our designs protect and improve our heritage.

We see new development as an opportunity to enhance the setting and quality of existing historic stations and buildings. We consider how a station, or other buildings, relate to its surroundings.

By thinking about this at the earliest stages of design, architects, developers and others have the opportunity to do more than produce striking and successful architecture - they can improve and revitalise London's neighbourhoods and create successful places centred around London's iconic transport facilities.