Stolen Oyster card

You can't get a refund or replacement if your card wasn't registered.

Before you replace your card

You must have pay as you go credit, or at least five days travel remaining on a Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass, for us to transfer it to a new Oyster card.

Your stolen card must have been registered.

Replace your card by phone

0343 222 1234 (Charges may apply)

It will take us up to 5 working days after you've reported your Oyster card as stolen to send you a replacement.

Once we have confirmed you're the registered Oyster card owner, we will calculate the pay as you go balance, or Travelcard/Bus & Tram Pass value, from the day you reported it as stolen and transfer to your replacement card.

We don't refund your travel costs while you're waiting for your new card to arrive.

If it takes us longer than five working days to replace your card, we might refund any travel made from the sixth day. You need to provide receipts or tickets.

Once you've reported your card as stolen, the card will be cancelled.

After you get your new card

Your new Oyster card will have the same Travelcard, Bus & Tram Pass and/or pay as you go credit that was on it before.

Before adding your new card to your contactless and Oyster account, you need to make at least one journey with it and then wait 24 hours.

If you get discounted travel, you'll need to have the discount added to your replacement card:

  1. Take your discount photocard and your Oyster card to any Oyster Ticket Stop or Tube station
  2. Ask staff to add your discount to your Oyster card. You need to give a password
  3. Add pay as you go credit to your Oyster card
  4. Create or sign in to your contactless and Oyster account and add your Oyster card. Use the same password you gave to staff when they added your discount. If you don't, you can't get a refund or replacement 

Carry your photocard and Oyster card with you at all times and don't let anyone else use your cards.

If you have an Annual Travelcard, we'll send you a new Gold Record Card.