Add or reduce zones on your Travelcard

Before you add or reduce zones

There must be at least 1 month and 1 day remaining on your Travelcard at the date of change, not the date of your request.

You cannot change:

  • 7 Day or monthly Travelcards
  • Your Travelcard if you bought it from National Rail, Abellio or Trainline
  • Your Travelcard if you paid for it using a warrant
  • Your Travelcard if you previously reduced the zones on it

It will take up to 5 working days to process and issue you with a replacement card.

If your Travelcard is on an Oyster card

Or create an account.

If your Travelcard is a paper ticket

Post your:

  • Ticket
  • Contact details (name, address and phone number)
  • Which zones you want to change it to

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