Coronavirus publications

Imperial College RNA sampling study

TfL commissioned this work to investigate whether SARS-CoV-2 could be detected on our network.

Network demand reports and data

We have used data from our ticketing system (Oyster and Contactless Payment Card taps) to provide an overall picture of how customers are travelling across our Tube and bus networks. The reports show indications of travel on our network rather than an absolute measure of passenger numbers.

Tube and bus travel demand reports using ticketing data

Coronavirus risk assessment and change management

The Government has set out guidance for transport operators covering the safe increase of services as some coronavirus restrictions are eased. This includes the requirement to carry out and publish risk-assessments that identify both the risks and how customers and staff will continue to be protected from potential exposure to coronavirus.

These documents respond to the Government's requirements. They include change assurance plans and risk assessments covering operations in Transport for London's London Underground and Surface Transport businesses. These have been developed in consultation with staff and transport unions.

Details on the scope of each assessment and the processes we have followed are in the documents. Risk assessments covering other areas of our business will be added as they are completed.

We have also created guidance on cycle parking for businesses. This guidance is aimed at businesses looking for advice on how to provide cycle parking as a way of encouraging employees, visitors and customers to cycle to their premises.