Trams Engineering - Level 3

Trams Engineering apprentice

"Growing up in Croydon, I've seen the impact that the Tram network has every day. Being able to work for a world-renowned network and make a difference to my local community at the same time is a rare opportunity."

- Lauren, Systems Technician (former Trams Engineering Apprentice)

How long: 3 years

Where: Croydon, London

Salary: £21,824

What you'll need

  • A minimum of 2 GCSEs (or equivalent) grade 4 and above including Maths and English
  • You must be 18 years old by September 2023 to be eligible for this scheme

Job overview

Our engineers focus on the assets that form the foundation of our transport system. The role of a technician within London Trams is an essential part of TfL.

It's especially important as Croydon is a rapidly growing part of London, with much development going on.

What you'll be doing

During your first year, you'll be exposed to all areas of Trams, from maintenance of fleet and infrastructure to working with the operator to see how the service is managed.

The intention of the first year, is to give you an view of how the business operates and how the different areas work together so the Trams network operates efficiently.

At the end of the first year, you'll choose to specialise in a set discipline (Fleet, Overhead Line or Systems).

The rest of the apprenticeship scheme is then geared around providing the placements which are required to gain occupational competence.

Where this career can take you

Upon successful completion of this scheme, you could roll off into a technician role. This can lead to further career development opportunities such as:

  • shift supervisor
  • asset manager
  • or asset engineer

The apprenticeship will provide you with exposure to many disciplines, giving you a solid grounding in how a light rail system operates.

The scheme will also provide you with the opportunity to become a competent technician in your chosen discipline area.