IT Solutions Technician - Level 3

IT Solutions Technician apprentice

"I love the fact that I get to work for TFL and learn on the job! I've also been interested in IT and I really enjoy learning about different software and technologies to help keep London moving."

— Aaliyah Griffith, IT Solutions Technician apprentice

How Long: 2 years

Where: London - Hybrid working within this role enables a balance of 50 %of time split between the office and home over a 4 week period. Hybrid working arrangements can evolve subject to business requirements

Salary: £24,016

What you'll need

  • A minimum of 2 GCSE's Grade A* - C or Grade 4 and above (or equivalents) including Maths and English Language
  • You must be 18 years old before September 2024 to be eligible

Job overview

Our Tech & Data teams focus on what's behind the millions of daily transactions on London's transport network. As a part of our fast-paced Technology & Data teams you'll learn the skills required to support the teams that keep London Moving.

Our Technology Service Operations teamwork across a range of technologies from coding languages such as Python, C sharp, ABAP and lots of other exciting software. We use technology to improve the journeys of our customers, maximise the efficiency of our network and to extract insight from our data to enable us to make key business decisions.

What you'll be doing

As an apprentice, your 2-year development programme will be made up of 8 Service Management placement rotations. These will include Knowledge Management, Major Incident Management, Tooling and Config, Monitoring Management, Reporting, Change and Release Management, Business Improvement and Core Support Service.

Our aim is to give you the skills and breadth of experience you need for your successful career. We also understand that everyone's career is different, so every apprentice's journey is unique. Here's an idea of what yours could look like:

Placement 1 - Service Operations - 12 Months

  • Knowledge discovery, creation and sharing to facilitates IT professionals and the end-customer to view information as and when required
  • Handling changes to the corporate IT infrastructure and operation
  • Practice focused on planning, coordinating, and controlling software releases, updates, and changes within an organisation's IT infrastructure
  • Respond to an unplanned event or service interruption and restore the service to its operational state
  • Monitoring and event management including identification and categorisation of monitoring requirements with resolver groups
  • Using PowerBI tools to create and manage dashboards for status across Technology Service Operations
  • Learning the principles and techniques for the Continual Service Improvement
  • Joining project Development & Sprint teams to experience Agile Methodology and ways of working
  • Supporting the delivery of assigned service delivery outputs (e.g. demand, capacity, performance management, cost of services, processes, supplier and contract management etc) across the lifecycle of the contract, ensuring adherence to the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) within the CSS contract
  • Building relationships with both supplier and internal teams to deliver and improve the services delivered by the supplier

Placement 2 - End User Computing - 3 months

  • Third Line Citrix Support where you work with a team to act as the final point of contact for complex technical issues, ensuring timely resolution and the minimisation of downtime
  • Third Line Identify Management including setting up domains. keeping AD organized and healthy, properly managing Group Policy and Security Policy
  • Packaging and Build Management working with the team on sequencing and packing applications. Working along the team on migration to Windows 11

Placement 3 - Transport Services - 3 Months

  • Support Asset Management Systems such as Maximo, Ellipse and Mobile applications
  • Responding to and resolving incidents across a range of LU, Surface and RFLI Asset Management Applications
  • Experience day to day activity within key transport control centres

Placement 4 - Payments Service - 3 Months

  • Spend time with Assurance team visiting TfL stations
  • Spend time with Bus teams visiting bus garage
  • Learning London Cycle Hire system, including back office
  • Learning equipment used by TfL customers and staff

Then you can select from the remaining areas to do a placement of 2-3 months:

  • SPM Team - Service Performance Management Team, Stakeholder Engagement
  • Understanding the requirements for supporting the transition of new and updated services, working closely with all relevant stakeholders to deliver supplier training and knowledge sharing sessions to help deliver a smooth service transition
  • Join project Development & Sprint teams to experience Agile Methodology and ways of working
  • There is flexibility for apprentices to tailor their scheme to their interests ensuring placements are taken within the Service Operations. We are aware that some apprentices start with, or develop during their placements, an interest to a technology area and we want to ensure you get the most from your apprenticeship with TfL

We recommend the first placement be within the Service Operations. This will teach you about the key Service Management areas.

Where this career can take you

After you successfully complete this scheme, you could roll off into any of the Service Management areas as a Service Analyst, Application Engineer, Service Reporting Analyst which could lead to further career development opportunities such as Support Analysts and to ultimately Senior Application Engineers and beyond.