Data Science Graduate

How long: 2 years

Where: London/Hybrid
Up to 50% of time can be spent working from home over a 4-week period. Hybrid working arrangements may alter subject to business requirements.

Salary: £28,500 rising to £30,000 in year 2

What you'll need

  • Already hold or be on track to achieve minimum of 2:1 in a highly numerate degree or a degree with a significant numerate and/or computational component
  • Examples of using big data, applying data science techniques, or programming experience e.g. R, Python, SQL, Java, C/C++ and Scala

What you'll be doing

The graduate scheme will consist of 4 placements of roughly 6 months each with the option to choose your business areas of interest in your second year. Within each placement you will be introduced to new projects, datasets, and tools and you will be expected to deliver impactful work while simultaneously learning the skills you will need.

Data Science is embedded across the organisation and you can expect to work in several areas such as:

  • Customer analytics - Understanding how customers move around our network using data generated by tap-in-tap-out customer data, phones connecting to the Underground's Wi-Fi network, train weight sensors and surveys. You could be asked to improve our capability for real-time journey planning, optimise station retail, crowd management, or forecast commuter behaviour
  • Operational support - Improving the reliability and efficiency of our infrastructure using smart condition monitoring, usage statistics, probabilistic models of failure impact, to optimise maintenance and investment programmes
  • Environment and safety - TfL is committed to delivering safe and sustainable public transport and roads, and quality data analysis is crucial for designing safer junctions, reducing our energy use, and mitigating against future climate
  • Strategic modelling - Decisions around line closures, major investment, and bus route alterations have a huge impact on our customers and data modelling techniques are vital to inform business cases and guide multi-billion-pound programmes

Where this career can take you

Upon completing the scheme, we would expect you to roll-off directly into one of our data science teams. There will continue to be opportunities to grow and explore new areas, and collaboration between teams is encouraged. Equally, you may decide to specialise or progress to managing a small team of data scientists. Transport for London is a large organisation with many options for future development and projects to maintain your high level of curiosity.