Travel guidance for businesses

Increasing active travel and hybrid working while reducing car use can have tangible health, wellbeing and productivity benefits for your business.​

These guides offer advice on ways businesses can help their employees and visitors to have better journeys by using sustainable modes. It includes avoiding crowding and congestion as well as finding healthier travel choices such as public transport and active travel. ​

Helping your employees travel safely

Our network is safe, clean and orderly. To find out more, including the safety and hygiene measures to follow when travelling, visit our safer travel page.

We have created resources for you to use when planning and communicating with your employees about travelling safely.

Watch and share our video on Fresh air, ventilation, air flow and extraction

Encouraging travel at quieter times for more space

Encouraging travel at quieter times can make your employees' journeys more comfortable as there is more space on public transport.

These are some ways you can help your employees:

  • Stagger shifts and working patterns, or allow flexibility so your employees can travel at quieter times and use quieter stations
  • Mondays and Fridays are quieter on public transport than Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Share the TfL Go app with your employees. It provides the status of services, and information on quieter times to travel

Our publication on Quieter times to travel can be downloaded and shared with your employees.

For more information on how flexible travel and fares can support travel at quieter times, you can download this publication.

Considering walking and cycling

We are also encouraging the use of walking and cycling routes, especially outside quieter times on public transport.

Measures that you could take include:

  • Considering how you can provide storage and changing facilities to encourage employees to walk or cycle all or part of their journey. Your employees can take a non-folding bicycle on parts of our network during certain times
  • Promoting your cycle-to-work scheme if you have one, and consider signing up to one if you don't
  • Encouraging walking part of the journey by getting off a few stops early at less busy stations

We have developed Active Travel Guidance for Businesses providing practical tools and advice to confidently encourage and enable your workforce to choose active travel options (including walking, jogging and cycling) to and from their place of work.

The Active Travel Guidance for Businesses contains information and ideas that have proven benefits for both mental and physical wellbeing. By supporting active travel, businesses can build resilience and productivity into their plans.

As well as the Active Travel Guidance for Businesses, we've also provided a shorter summary guide, signposting walking and cycling resources.

We have also created guidance on cycle parking for businesses. This guidance is aimed at businesses looking for advice on how to provide cycle parking as a way of encouraging employees, visitors and customers to cycle to their premises.