Vehicle details

The Congestion Charge applies to central London only and does not include the Dartford Crossing Dart Charge.

Cars, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and HGVs, motorised caravans and horseboxes, breakdown and recovery vehicles, private ambulances, motor hearses, dual purpose vehicles and other specialist vehicle types that do not meet the minimum Euro emission standards are subject to the T-Charge.

Motorised tricycles and quadricycles that are subject to the Congestion Charge are also affected. Motorcycles are not subject to the T-Charge.

9+ seater vehicles that are currently registered for a discount or are exempt from paying the charge will need to meet the required emissions standards or pay the T-Charge. The minimum emissions standards are Euro 4/IV for both petrol and diesel vehicles and Euro 3 for motorised tricycles and quadricycles.

The T-Charge is a daily, not a one off charge. If your vehicle does not meet the emissions standards the additional T-Charge value will be automatically added when you pay the Congestion Charge.

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