We'll automatically record the number of charging days a vehicle travels within the charging zone and bill you each month.

Benefits of Fleet Auto Pay

  • Pay by direct debit
  • Less time spent on administration
  • Online account management and telephone helpline
  • Protection from Penalty Charge Noticeswhile registered


  • Unlimited number of vehicles
  • Add extra vehicles to your service on a one-off basis
  • Up to five account users can help you manage the service

How to apply

To apply you need to:

  • Complete a Direct Debit mandate as part of your application
  • Provide us with certain documents about your company
  • Be over 18

Your first payment by direct debit will include any journey charges you have incurred since activating your service

Your Fleet Auto Pay may be suspended if we can't collect a payment. Check regularly to make sure you can cover the payment.

Renewing vehicles

We renew your vehicles automatically. There are no registration or renewal fees to add vehicles to Fleet Auto Pay.

Make sure you remove a vehicle from Fleet Auto Pay if you no longer want to continue automatic payments.

See our Fleet Auto Pay terms and conditions.