Staff travel

If you are a TfL employee, you may be eligible for a Retired Oystercard or Retired Privilege Ticket Authority Card (PTAC) in the following circumstances:

  • Retired Oystercard. If you are retiring at age 50 or over and have at least 20 years' service with a participating employer or a successor to London Regional Transport
  • Retired PTAC. If you are retiring at age 50 or over and were in service before 1 April 1996 and held a staff PTAC with London Regional Transport, London Underground Limited or were an administrative or management grade with London Buses

Please note:

  • If you left service through Voluntary Severance, the criteria for travel facilities are different from the above, so please contact the Retired Travel Facilities Section for more details
  • If you were dismissed from service, you are not eligible for travel facilities
  • If you were granted an enhanced ill-health pension, you may be credited with up to an additional five years to count towards your total service
  • If you are the partner of a former member of staff who has died, then providing you have retired travel facilities already, you can retain them
  • Please note that passes you have had during your employment must be handed to your line manager on the day you leave service

You may also be entitled to free or reduced rate travel facilities through your local council and you should contact them or get a form from your local Post Office for more details.

Change of circumstances

If you retain eligibility for travel benefits and your circumstances change, for example you change your address, please advise the Retired Travel Facilities Section, who can be contacted at:

Staff Travel
Floor 1
14 Pier Walk
North Greenwich
SE10 0ES

Telephone: 0800 0155 073


Retirees in possession of a valid Oyster card/retired pass are eligible for discounted Eurostar for themselves and five companions.

The holder and companions can travel together at £59 each return (standard class) or £119 (1st class), subject to availability.

How to redeem:

Reservations can be made by calling 03488 224888.

Applications should be made 14 days in advance of travel. The Eurostar Specialist Sales Section will check availability and offer alternatives if your preferred choice is not available.

Once a reservation has been made you will be provided with a booking reference number.

You will need to carry your Oystercard/retired pass with you when travelling. Tickets should be collected from the Eurostar ticket machines at either St.Pancras International or Ashford Station.

Travel restrictions for free and privilege travel

Information about travel restrictions when using free and privilege travel on ATOC (National Rail) and Stena Line.

For more information please contact the applicable service.

Please note that Southeastern High Speed Service is also included in the new restrictions.

Privilege Tickets Authority Cards (other services)

Privilege Tickets Authority Cards are valid on services detailed in the document below, subject to restrictions that are available from the Operators.

Retired Staff Oyster Cards Valid On Former London Country Bus Services

In addition to the normal validity, TfL Staff/Retired Staff Passes endorsed 'also available on former Country Bus Services routes' are accepted for free travel on any journey on bus services detailed in the notice below.


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