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Take the 'green' option and help save printing and mailing costs by opting out of receiving the Fund's general communications by post. Read them online instead.

When you opt out you will no longer receive:

You will still receive statements and documents that we are legally required to send if they apply to you:

  • Annual payslips and P60s
  • AVC statements
  • Benefit statements

Publishing schedule

On the Move

Annual payslips and P60s sent to pensioners

On the Move

AVC statements sent to all members of the AVC Plan
Benefit statements sent to all contributing members


On the Move

Annual Review - the Trusees' summary of the Report and Accounts which incorporate the Summary Fund Statement

Benefit statements for deferred members

On the Move

Stop sending me these publications by post

If you would like to stop receiving these copies by post - or if you asked for them to be stopped being sent by post and would like them to be sent again - call or email us at:

In all correspondence, it is essential to quote your name and member number.

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