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Bus route 94

Travel along bus route 94 from central to west London to discover some of London's most popular and iconic neighbourhoods. When using an Oyster or contactless card, you can also take advantage of the new Hopper bus fare.
Visiting London attractions graphic

Top London attractions

This itinerary outlines the quietest times to visit London's 10 most popular attractions, and the quietest times at their nearest Underground stations; as well as alternative transport modes to get you there.

Transport design icons

For over 150 years, design on our transport network has shaped how London looks. Discover some of London's most popular transport design icons and the best times to visit the stations where you can find them.

Other cycling tours and routes

These easy-to-follow routes will help you discover London's hidden gems by bike. Why not hire a Santander Cycles bike?

Other walking tours and routes

Getting to see what London has to offer is easy, especially if you walk - there's lots to explore and some great walks like these connecting famous sights and attractions.

Other itineraries

For the perfect day out in the city, try the great selection of inspirational ideas onĀ

London area guides

There's a wealth of hidden gems to be found outside central London. Travel a little further to see more of the city with insider guides written by locals.


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