Limousine passenger safety

When planning your night out, always check that:

  • The driver is properly licensed to drive the vehicle before booking it
  • You are booking directly through a licensed limousine office/operator or legal broker
  • The vehicle and driver have valid insurance to carry passengers
  • The vehicle is built to the necessary safety standards and maintained properly - it could be dangerous and not roadworthy
  • A booked limousine from a licensed operator means a record is kept of your journey, your driver and the vehicle used so that, in the event of any problems, the driver can be traced

Vehicles with fewer than nine seats

  • Search for licensed operators
  • Book your limousine with a licensed operator by phone, email or at the operator's office
  • The vehicle licence disc must be displayed on the windscreen

Vehicles with nine or more seats

  • There is a legal requirement for the operator to clearly print the name of the business and address on the nearside door/body panel
  • Passenger Service Vehicle licence disc must be displayed on the windscreen (above/below tax disc)
  • Check if the operator holds a valid licence via the Operator Search
  • If you are suspicious of the company you are dealing with, cancel the hire. Call¬†DVSA on 0300 123 9000 with details so they can investigate further
  • Be safe. Don't put yourself or your loved ones in danger. Always check before booking your limousine, make sure the driver can confirm your name and destination, and check the driver's photo ID before you get in the vehicle¬†
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