Every platform has been updated to make way for the new trains, and improvements are being made at stations.

What we've been doing Elizabeth line image
Brentwood station jpg

Brentwood station

The waiting room has been reopened.

We installed:

  • New ticket gates in the main ticket hall and on platform 4
  • Accessible ticket office windows
  • A new entrance door in the main ticket hall
  • New digital screens in the ticket hall to make customer information easier to see

We also redecorated inside and out and improved live travel information to help get your journey off to a good start.

Abbey Wood station

We installed new toilet facilities and step-free access to Wilton Road and Felixstowe Road.

Chadwell station

Chadwell Heath station

By refurbishing the ticket hall, we've made the station brighter and more accessible, with new accessible toilets and ticket office windows. We also relocated the ticket gates to help make our staff more visible.

New digital screens in the ticket hall will make customer information easier to see.

Gidea Park station

We recently refurbished the outside of the station building. We also improved the area around the car park entrance by refurbishing the cycling facilities and improving the landscaping and lighting around the entrance.

Harold Wood station

The waiting room has recently been refurbished. We redecorated the walls, floors, door and windows, making it a more pleasant place to wait for your train.

Network Rail have also refurbished the toilets and provided new, accessible facilities.

Ilford station

We recently completed refurbishment of the waiting room on platforms 2 and 3, including improving the decoration and providing a new breakfast bar and seating.

In 2016 we opened a brand new ticket hall on York Road. By remodelling inside and restoring the outside of an existing building we've created an alternative to the main ticket hall on Cranbrook Road.

This light and clean entrance has new ticket gates and improved electronic customer information that we will soon be rolling out to more stations.

We installed digital screens in the ticket hall to make customer information easier to see.

Manor Park station

We installed digital screens at the York Road entrance to make customer information easier to see.

Maryland station

We recently installed new ticket gates at the station to help increase security.

Romford station

We completely remodelled the male and female toilets, with all new toilets, sinks and hand dryers. We moved the entrance to these facilities, and took the opportunity to redecorate the waiting room.

Seven Kings station

The ticket hall now benefits from new accessible ticket office windows as well as improved customer information. The brighter, more open ticket hall has been redecorated inside and out.

We installed digital screens in the ticket hall to make customer information easier to see.

Shenfield station

Network Rail has upgraded tracks, signalling and overhead lines, and built a new platform. These improvements will mean more reliable services across the line. They also make way for our new trains to run in and out of the brand new platform.

As well as all these completed improvements, other work is in progress at many more stations. See the TfL Rail improvements page.