Westminster Bridge, Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth Palace Road, Addington Street and York Road are cycling routes which pass through the roundabout formed by Westminster Bridge Road, Addington Street and York Road.

The new cycle lanes and cycle signals at junctions help separate cyclists from motor vehicles.

We also upgraded crossings, installed pedestrian countdowns, cleared footways and built a new pedestrian crossing on Westminster Bridge Road to improve pedestrian safety.

These improvements help connect the Cycle Superhighway 3 (East-West) on the north bank of the Thames with the Central London Grid on Belvedere Road and Royal Street in Lambeth.

What we're doing

As part of works we:

  • Gave cyclists substantially segregated cycle lanes on Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth Palace Road, Addington Street and York Road
  • Separated cyclists from other vehicle movements at junctions by giving cyclists their own dedicated traffic signals
  • Created bus stop bypasses outside St Thomas' Hospital on Westminster Bridge Road and on Lambeth Palace Road
  • Upgraded pedestrian and cycle crossing points and providing a new pedestrian crossing on Westminster Bridge Road
  • Widened the footway near the York Road Slip Road, by the Park Plaza Hotel, and planted trees in this area
  • Removed the centre line on Westminster Bridge. Our trials elsewhere have shown that this should reduce traffic speeds

In early 2019, we plan to open a new section of footway and cycle track adjacent to the Park Plaza Hotel.

Segregated cycle facilities on Westminster Bridge

It's not possible right now to install the new segregated cycle tracks across Westminster Bridge itself because the security barriers are taking up space. The large number of pedestrians here, and the structural difficulties of securing the barriers, mean it's also not possible to move the barriers onto the pavement.

We have installed new road markings across the bridge as an interim layout, including a 1.6 metre mandatory cycle lane and 3 metre bus lane in each direction.

We're still committed to creating segregated cycle facilities across Westminster Bridge and are working closely with the Metropolitan Police Service on a permanent layout for the bridge.

20mph trial scheme

As part of our work to improve road safety, encourage active travel and enhance the local area, a trial 20mph limit was introduced in late December 2017.

The trial will be in place for 18 months initially on Westminster Bridge, Westminster Bridge Road (up to and including the roundabout), Addington Street and York Road. Signs and road markings indicate the new speed limit.

Other works in the area

The East West Cycle Superhighway opened fully in December 2017, but minor finishing works continue. It runs through central London - from Tower Hill to Lancaster Gate.

Consultation results

The public consultation for this project closed in December 2015, with nearly three-quarters of respondents supporting the proposals.

Find more on our proposals, including the consultation report, on the Westminster Bridge South consultation page.