West Croydon bus station

The new bus station

The new bus station provides better customer information, lighting and security. It has fully accessible bus stops and is easier to move around. It once again provides an interchange between buses and Trams, London Overground and National Rail services.

Facilities include:

  • A large sheltered waiting area
  • An information office staffed between 06:30 and 21:30 daily
  • Live┬átravel information (to be added shortly)
  • A modern public address system
  • State-of-the-art CCTV and improved lighting
  • Accessibility improvements
  • 18% more seating
  • A retail outlet (to be opened later)
  • A fully accessible public toilet

We have designed the bus station to integrate with the London Borough of Croydon's Connected Croydon regeneration programme.

It also improves the setting for St Michael and All Angels with St James Church, complementing the church's rose window.

The new bus station has room for growth, with capacity for 23,000 customers a day compared to the 19,000 a day who used the old bus station we closed in October 2014 (a 21% increase).

Where buses stop

Most buses in West Croydon stop at the new bus station.

All buses that terminate in West Croydon have their first stop at stops B1 to B3 in the bus station. They have their last stop at stop B8 in St Michael's Road, next to the bus station, or at stop B5 in the bus station (except route X26 which has its last stop in Wellesley Road).

Most buses passing through West Croydon stop at stops B1 to B4 in the bus station. Some routes stop nearby instead, as they did before the bus station closed:

  • Routes 50, 468 and N68 stop in Wellesley Road and not in the bus station in either direction
  • Routes 60, 64, 75, 109, 198, 250, 289 and N109 stop in the bus station northbound. Southbound they stop in Poplar Walk (stops WD or WE) or Wellesley Road (stop WG), not in the bus station

Routes 157, 264, 407, 410 and 455 no longer stop in Poplar Walk eastbound. They now stop in the bus station in both directions.

Planning your journey

To find your bus, see a plan of the new bus station below or use the revised map of all buses and trams from West Croydon.

Get the latest travel information with TfL Journey Planner or via Twitter with @TfLTrafficNews and @TfLBusAlerts.


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