Waterloo roundabout

It's not easy to walk around the Waterloo roundabout area and to change between different forms of public transport. This project would make those connections easier and safer for all transport users. It would also support the regeneration and growth of the Waterloo area.

Removing the existing roundabout layout would make traffic less dominant and give people more space to enjoy the area.

The project will support the Healthy Streets Approach and Vision Zero action plan of the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

Extra walking space

To help people travel safely in London during the coronavirus pandemic, we added space for people walking on Waterloo Road - a key element of the wider plans for Waterloo Road and Waterloo roundabout scheme. Temporary barriers currently allocate more space for people walking along Waterloo Road.

Current status

Because of the pandemic and current funding restraints, we have paused design work on the Waterloo scheme for the time being.

We are, however, working with Lambeth Council to make the temporary scheme on Waterloo Road more permanent.

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