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Why Streetspace?

Everyone needs to find new ways of working and travelling if London is to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Our work with London's local authorities on the Streetspace programme will help people walk and cycle more often, relieving pressure on our roads and public transport networks. People who have no choice but to use public transport can do so as safely as possible.

We also want to help people avoid travelling by private transport.

Streetspace for London will:

  • Make it easier and safer for people to keep up social distancing
  • Avoid a sharp increase in car use. If people switch even a fraction of their previous journeys to cars, essential deliveries and emergency services will be gridlocked
  • Keep London's air as clean as possible to protect everyone's health and to reduce carbon emissions
  • Support those who are less mobile or cannot walk or cycle by limiting demand on public transport

Where we're working

We're introducing Streetspace schemes on the roads we're responsible for - London's red routes - as well as existing and upcoming cycle routes.

The list of schemes is updated on the London Streetspace Programme page.

What we're doing

Temporary Streetspace projects in your area might be:

  • Adding to the cycle network by creating new lanes and routes - a temporary cycle lane now runs along Park Lane, and work is starting on a temporary cycle lane on Euston Road
  • Widening pavements so people can safely walk past queues outside shops or stations - we have already created extra space in around two dozen places, from Brixton to Camden, and beyond
  • Creating low-traffic corridors on residential streets so more people can walk and cycle as part of their daily routine - in Lambeth, our funding has created a low-traffic neighbourhood in the Oval Triangle area between Vauxhall, Oval and Stockwell Tube stations by making some roads there access-only for motor vehicles

Have your say

As we develop new Streetspace schemes and introduce them on London's red routes, we will write to local people, businesses and others to explain how they can tell us about their experience of each scheme.

Email any comments about a scheme we have recently introduced (including where it is) to

You can report any immediate concerns about safety on London's roads to our Streetcare team.

Making schemes permanent

Some of the improvements we're making could become permanent additions to London's cycling and walking networks. We're monitoring their effects and will begin to consider which improvements could become permanent from late 2020 or early 2021.

We will look at a range of factors when considering whether or not to make a temporary scheme permanent. These include the:

  • Effects the scheme has had and could continue to have on road safety and pedestrian overcrowding
  • Number of cyclists and pedestrians who have used each scheme
  • Contribution each scheme makes to the look and feel of the local area
  • Impact of the scheme on traffic, including the bus network
  • Feedback from the public and other stakeholders
  • Impact of the scheme on people protected under the Equality Act 2010

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we would usually consult on any major changes we proposed to make on London's red routes. This would be done in two stages.

  • Public consultation: We write to local people, businesses and others to invite them to tell us their views via our consultation portal. We would then use these views to help us make a decision
  • Statutory consultation: We publish an official Traffic Order notice in the local press which explains where comments about the Traffic Order could be sent

We currently plan to hold a statutory consultation only for any Streetspace schemes we hope to make permanent. We will still listen to the experiences of local communities and others of Streetspace schemes we introduce, but we will not carry out a public consultation before doing the work.

Resources for boroughs

Information on funding and guidance on creating Streetspace schemes is on the Streetspace funding page.