Changes to the one-way system will create a safer and more attractive environment for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy. Converting it to two-way will provide a better flow of traffic and reduce accidents in the area.

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The work at Stratford town centre will include:

  • Creating a more attractive town centre for everyone to enjoy
  • Introducing a two-way traffic system and road calming measures to reduce speed
  • Separate cycle tracks to encourage more people to cycle through Stratford
  • Widening the pedestrian crossing at Meridian Square and moving other crossings to locations where pedestrians prefer to cross
  • Improving the appearance of streets by resurfacing pavements, upgrading street furniture and introducing new landscaping
  • Enhancing the public area near Theatre Square, St John's Church and West Ham Lane

Changes to bus services

In June-July 2017 we consulted on proposals for changes to bus services in Stratford town centre as part of Newham's scheme to introduce a two way traffic system in the area. We received 190 responses to the consultation.

We asked respondents to give us their views about the individual routes rather than the changes as a whole, to understand how each route would impact passengers.

A significant number of respondents were concerned about the impact the work to create a two-way system around the town centre would have on congestion and bus stops. Respondents were also concerned about overcrowding on the current network as well as in the future.

What's ahead?

Construction began in September 2017 by Newham Council's appointed contractor, JB Riney. New paving is being installed and the segregated cycle lane is taking shape.

As a part of these works Chant Street was closed on the 15 January 2018 to make way for the changes on the Broadway. Chant Street can no longer be accessed from Broadway.

The two-way system will be introduced in phases planned for:

  • Monday 17 September 2018: between Stratford High Street and Romford Road only
  • Monday 22 October 2018: the rest of the gyratory

Newham Council will publish details about the change in traffic movement starting in August 2018 using various communication channels. Appropriate traffic management, signs and site staff will be in place to direct traffic and pedestrians.


Newham ran a public consultation in autumn 2016. We consulted on changes to bus services in Stratford in summer 2017