Current works

The gyratory is now closed and has been replaced with a two-way traffic system along Clapham Road.

The section of South Lambeth Road adjacent to the west side of the Memorial Garden is now permanently closed to traffic and is being transformed into a new public space.

The new public space connecting Stockwell Memorial Garden with the surrounding area will make it more accessible for residents and visitors. New trees and seating will be added.

Stockwell improvements cgi

What we've done

Work to widen cycle lanes and separate signals has now been completed. Along with the segregated cycle track north of Stockwell station, this should help remove conflict between vehicles and bikes.

We have:

  • Separated cyclists from general traffic on Clapham Road (between Stockwell Road and Stockwell Terrace) and installed a separate signal phase to allow cyclists to continue straight ahead while left-turning vehicles are held at the lights
  • Made it possible for cyclists to enter the Clapham Road/Stockwell Road junction ahead of all other traffic by having a separate green signal for cyclists
  • Introduced new sections of cycle lanes on Stockwell Road and South Lambeth Road
  • Made changes to the Advanced Stop Lines (ASL). An ASL allows cyclists to wait in front of other traffic at lights and makes them more visible to other motorists. The space for cyclists has been increased to seven metres to accommodate the increasing number of people cycling in the area
  • Widened the bus lanes on Clapham Road, south of Stockwell Road and Binfield Road. This gives cyclists room to pass buses without crossing into the lane with other moving traffic. To provide the extra space, we've reduced the width of footway on both sides of the road. On the side of the station entrance the pavement is six metres wide, with approximately three metres width on the opposite side. The remaining footways are wide enough for pedestrians, even at the busiest times of day


We held a consultation from November 2014 to January 2015 and published a report in March 2015. Read more on our Stockwell consultation pages.

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