Piccadilly line upgrade

Improving the trains

New walk-through and air-conditioned trains will make Piccadilly line journeys faster, more frequent and more reliable. The new trains will begin to replace the existing 1970s fleet from 2025.

The 94 new, spacious 'Inspiro London' trains will feature:

  • More room to allow for a more frequent and reliable service - it will take less time at each station for people to get on and off
  • Wider doors and walk-through, air-conditioned carriages with improved access from the platform to train for a more comfortable and accessible journey
  • Designs with sustainability in mind, reducing energy consumption by 20%

The trains currently running on the Piccadilly line have become increasingly unreliable and expensive to maintain. They will be 50 years old by the time they are replaced.

The new trains will allow us to run more trains per hour during peak times from 2027 - up from 24 to 27. This means a train every 135 seconds at the busiest times - a 23% increase in the number of trains running at those times.

Supporting the UK economy

Half of the new train fleet will be built in Goole, East Yorkshire, with up to 700 people employed in engineering and manufacturing roles, 250 in the construction phase and 1700 in the broader supply chain.

The order for the new Piccadilly line trains, with further investment in signalling, would support 25,000 new jobs in London. It would also support the next generation of transport workers through apprenticeship places created both by Siemens Mobility, TfL and the wider supply chain.

Depots and stabling upgrade

The new trains will be rigorously tested before they carry our customers. They'll also need facilities ready to keep them well-maintained and in good condition - that's why we're improving our depots at Cockfosters, Northfields and South Harrow. This way we can always ensure that the trains work reliably, efficiently and provide the maximum comfort.

At Cockfosters and Northfields depots we're building new facilities to maintain the trains, extra stabling track and cleaning facilities. At South Harrow we're also creating extra stabling track so that trains can be quickly brought into use when services start to run more frequently.

cgi of green roofs at cockfosters sidings

Planning process

We have permitted development rights for the works at Cockfosters depot and are applying to the London Borough of Enfield to use these rights. Enfield will assess the proposal within the scope of relevant legislation.

We have discussed the principle of the proposed works with Enfield Council, including our commitment to minimising the impact on local people.

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