This is part of our Four Lines Modernisation work to upgrade the District, Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines.

Signalling goes live

Despite extensive testing of the new signalling outside of operating hours, we have had issues with software reliability on Metropolitan line trains when the live service is running. This is causing disruption and delays to some journeys.

We had tested the new signalling extensively using 500 trains, with good results. But when we run a full service in a live environment we experienced issues with the trains connecting to the system. This is the main cause of the faulty train message you have been seeing.

We have worked with our signalling supplier to identify how to address these issues and fixes are now being developed. Two software updates are scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2020 - we are confident these will improve the situation.

Fixes to this new and complex system need rigorous testing and safety approvals, which takes time. We fully understand how frustrating this is.

What we're doing now

We are working 24-7 to tackle the delays and improve the service as soon as possible.

To address issues on the Metropolitan line, we are:

  • Modifying the train and signalling software
  • Putting additional resources in strategic locations to minimise service disruptions
  • Reviewing our plan for maintaining the existing older signalling - this is to make the best use of resources and minimise the impact of any signal failures
  • Providing regular feedback to front line staff on incidents so customers get the latest information


You may claim a refund for your delayed journey here.