Lea Bridge roundabout (part of Cycleway 23)

We asked local people to have their say on our plans to make roads connecting local neighbourhoods better for walking and cycling. Our 2019 consultation into the Cycleway 23 scheme shows that 65% of respondents believed the proposals would enable more people to cycle in the area.

What we're doing

Construction works began on 13 March 2023 on a major transformation of Lea Bridge roundabout. The route follows Lea Bridge Road and roundabout, connecting to Powell Road via Kenninghall Road, where it continues on quieter backroads to Dalston. We will:

  • Build new segregated cycle lanes on Lea Bridge Road and roundabout to separate people cycling from traffic
  • Upgrade signals at Lea Bridge roundabout
  • Upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing on Lea Bridge Road to a Toucan crossing
  • Extend the Westbound bus lane on Lea Bridge through the roundabout to Lower Clapton Road
  • Remove some parking on Kenninghall Road
  • Resurface the road and plant up to 40 new trees across the roundabout and in Millfields Park (11 trees are removed during construction)

Planned changes to buses

While we're on site transforming the roundabout, we'll relocate bus stop S on Lea Bridge Road/Upper Clapton Road to its new location outside the park entrance. The work will take one day to complete. On 17 July 2023, customers will be asked to use bus stop R on Wattisfield Road.

From 18 July 2023, once bus stop S on Lea Bridge Road/Upper Clapton Road reopens at its new location, bus stop R on Wattisfield Road will close permanently.

Once the work is complete, we'll need to move bus stop S on Lea Bridge Road/Upper Clapton Road, which is closer to Millfields Park, opposite the junction with Cornthwaite Road.

Bus stop V on Chatsworth Road won't be affected by this work.

Why we're doing the work

Creating enough space for people to walk and cycle safely is vital to a sustainable transport network. This is especially true since around 60% of households in inner London do not have access to a car, with a high proportion of these from low-income households.

The proposed new cycleway between Lea Bridge and Dalston was identified in our Strategic Cycling Analysis as a key area for existing and potential cycling. Once complete, Cycleway 23 will be a major new walking and cycling corridor connecting neighbourhoods in Hackney and Waltham Forest to London's growing network of high-quality cycleways.

How we're doing it

We've thought carefully about how to complete this work so that there's minimal disruption to local people using the roundabout and bus passengers.

We've worked closely with Hackney Council to ensure that the roundabout remains open throughout the construction work. This is done with lane restrictions, and bus stops remain open or are replaced with temporary bus stops.

Unfortunately, due to the discovery of unidentified services in the ground, as well as drainage issues and resourcing constraints, the work has not progressed as quickly as originally planned and the expected completion date has been delayed.

The key project milestones are:

  • 13 March 2023 - begin on site (lane closures and traffic management)
  • 1 April 2023 to 9 January 2024 (previously October 2023)  - main works on the roundabout in phases focusing on one 'arm' of the roundabout at a time beginning with pedestrian crossing islands first and then the four outer corners in sequence (southwest corner, northwest, southeast and finally northeast)
  • 9 January to 26 January 2024 (previously 23 October 2023 to 4 November 2023) - tree planting and resurfacing

The most disruptive phase of our work will be in the summer school holidays when the BSix Sixth form college is closed and there are fewer vehicles on the road, and after the holy month of Ramadan (between March-April) which will see many worshippers using the mosque.

During this quiet period, we'll work on the northwest and southeast corners of the roundabout at the same time to get the work completed faster.

Our working hours are Monday to Saturday 08:00-18:00 and Saturday 08:00-16:00. There will be overnight closures needed to complete the resurfacing work by October 2023, although that date could change. We'll offer more information on this page nearer the time.

What we've done so far

Hackney has delivered a new route for people cycling and walking within Millfields Park, with new trees, lighting and improved landscaping. Improvements have also been made to junctions between Clapton and Dalston, where Cycleway 23 will connect to Cycleway 1 when complete.

Lea Bridge Road's westbound cycle lane will be the final part of Cycleway 23 to be delivered. Work on that section is expected to follow on from the roundabout work and will be delivered by LB Hackney.

Find our 2021 consultation report into the Cycleway 23 scheme below.

Contact us

Once work begins, our contractor Eurovia will offer a dedicated officer who can answer questions about the work. This officer will help manage any issues on site about access and noise, for example. His contact details are:

Email: simon.waters@eurovia.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)7548 112267

Contact us on 0343 222 1234 (charges may apply) for more information about the project or visit our cycleways page to find out more about cycleways.