King's Cross & Euston Road

These projects, which vary in size and complexity, are being completed in phases.

We aim to:

  • Accommodate planned growth and support anticipated increase in footfall
  • Improve safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists
  • Better balance the impact of traffic with the need to create an improved place to live, work and visit
  • Improve cycling facilities throughout the area and support new cycle routes
  • Make it easier for pedestrians to move through the area and access public transport
  • Provide appropriate facilities for taxis, private hire vehicles, coaches and freight
  • Maintain high quality bus routes in the area while balancing overall traffic demand
  • Improve local air quality and street environment

Phases for the improvements:

  • Phase 1 - Initial safety improvements in King's Cross for cyclists (completed May 2015)
  • Phase 2 - Improvements on Euston Road
  • Phase 3 - King's Cross gyratory

Phase 1 - King's Cross area

Safety improvements (completed 2015-2016)

Cyclists now benefit from segregated facilities on some approaches to and from the Euston Road/York Way junction, and a safer north-south controlled cycle crossing at the junction.

We have also:

  • Changed road markings to improve the position of vehicles when approaching the Euston Road cycle segregation, and help make cyclists more visible in the cycle lane
  • Added another reflective post on the segregation island on Euston Road and Birkenhead Street
  • Created clearer road markings to guide pedestrians and cyclists to the crossings they should use

We will continue to monitor safety in the area to assess the scheme's effectiveness.

Phase 2 - Euston Road

Improvements on Euston Road

We are working closely with Camden Council to make Euston Road safer, improve the environment for pedestrians and cyclists, and better connect the communities to the north and south of Euston Road.

Proposals include:

  • Improved pedestrian crossings on Euston Road between the Melton Street/Gordon Street junction and Ossulton Street, and some improved cycle facilities when travelling north-south. These link with the Central London Grid, Quietways and North-South Cycle Superhighway projects
  • Improving the quality of the footpath on both sides of Euston Road to encourage more people to walk between Euston and Kings Cross stations
  • Supporting essential traffic movement - vital as London's economy and population continue to grow
  • Planting new trees, where space allows

If the proposals are supported, and subject to approval including coordination with HS2, work on site could begin in 2019.

Phase 3 - King's Cross gyratory

Feasibility study

We are working with borough officers from Camden and Islington to identify a way to remove the King's Cross gyratory, and change the way people use and move around the area.

Any plan will focus on these roads:

  • A201 Penton Rise, King's Cross Road
  • A501 Pentonville Road, Gray's Inn Road, Acton Street, Swinton Street
  • A5202 Pancras Road, Midland Road, Goods Way
  • A5203 Caledonian Road, Wharfdale Road
  • A5200 York Way


We consulted on high level plans to transform King's Cross in February-March 2016. The report of that consultation is on the King's Cross gyratory consultation page.

Another consultation should follow in 2017.

Creating a plan

Identifying the best solution for this area is taking longer than expected because of the size, complexity and competing demands of each street.

We're using information from previous focus groups, an urban realm study by the London Borough of Camden and comments from members of the public to develop our plans. Between the consultations we will refine the design and then test it using traffic modelling tools to understand the potential impacts of the proposal.

If our proposals are supported, work could start after the Euston Road improvements are completed, subject to necessary approvals and in coordination with HS2.

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