Updated Business Plan

In our update to the Business Plan of 11 December 2018 the proposed capacity upgrade to Holborn station is being re-phased subject to planning permissions. The new 2025 start date is around 30 months later than previously planned.

We have made significant progress on the project, including developing the scheme proposals and carrying out our first public consultation.

We are still very committed to the Holborn project. Ahead of the Government's comprehensive spending review in late 2019 we will be making the case for long-term, steady and sustained investment to ensure critical infrastructure projects such as the Holborn and Camden Town projects can continue to be developed.

Holborn station entrance

Our proposals

At the busiest times, large numbers of customers are trying to get into and out of the station, as well as changing between the Central and Piccadilly lines. Everyone who uses the station currently has to pass through a single point at the bottom of the main escalators.

During the evening peak, we often have to hold people outside the ticket gates, sometimes for as long as 20 minutes. Demand is set to increase and if we do nothing, these issues will become worse.

We believe our customers would benefit from:

  • A new second entrance and exit to the station
  • More escalators
  • Step-free access
  • More space to change between trains

These improvements would help to stimulate the local economy and generate growth in Camden Council's Holborn Growth Area. Plans for the area include a target for 2,000 new jobs and 200 new homes. The council will consult on this plan in early 2019.

A possible site for a new station entrance would be at the southern end of Procter Street.

  • Escalators from there could provide a direct route to the Central line platforms
  • There would be a new second route via escalators to the Piccadilly line platforms
  • We would install lifts at the Kingsway entrance to provide step-free access from street to trains
  • We would improve the layout of the Kingsway entrance

This plan would reduce congestion below ground and relieve pressure on the existing Kingsway entrance. Below ground there would be more space, including a new concourse at the Piccadilly line level.

These changes would support future plans to increase the number of trains on the Central and Piccadilly lines.

Local meetings

We worked with Bee Midtown (the local Business Improvement District) to hold three engagement sessions in early March 2017. Local stakeholders and businesses were invited.

Public consultation

We held a first public consultation on our proposals in late 2017. Our reports on the consultation are on the Holborn station capacity improvements consultation page.

In 2020 we will consult on how the proposed new station entrance will be built and how we will manage the impact of construction.

After that, we hope to apply to the Secretary of State for Transport for a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) - permission to do the work - in 2022. Once started, the work will take about six years.

For more information, email holbornstationupgrade@tfl.gov.uk.