East-West Cycle Superhighway on Victoria Embankment

To make the route safer for cyclists and other road users we have created:

  • A substantially segregated, two-way cycle track to separate cyclists from motor traffic
  • Junction innovations including early start, early release and two-stage right turn facilities for cyclists
  • More pedestrian space with widened footways, traffic islands and bus and coach stop waiting areas
  • New pedestrian crossings in some places and improved crossings elsewhere

What work is taking place?

Cycle Superhighway 3 (East-West) is open to cyclists in both directions from Tower Hill to Lancaster Gate.

We're still doing some finishing works in these areas:

  • St James's Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Lancaster Gate

The improvements

We introduced many improvements along the route for cyclists and other road users. Watch videos showing these safety innovations on the Transforming cycling in London page.

Lancaster Gate

  • Introduction of two-way traffic on Bayswater Road
  • Segregated two-way cycle track on Westbourne Street between Sussex Gardens and Bayswater Road
  • Segregated one-way cycle tracks on Bayswater Road between Westbourne Street and Brook Street, and on Westbourne Terrace between Sussex Gardens and Craven Road
  • New signalised pedestrian crossings at Westbourne Street, Sussex Gardens and Bayswater Road, and improvements to other crossings

Hyde Park

  • A segregated two-way cycle track on West and South Carriage Drive
  • A new dedicated horse track
  • New pedestrian crossing by Serpentine Sackler Gallery
  • New LED lighting to the same standard currently being used in the park to minimise effects on wildlife
  • A segregated two-way cycle track on North Carriage Drive

Hyde Park Corner

  • A segregated two-way cycle track on Constitution Hill
  • Wider footways and simplified crossings at the Hyde Park Corner/Constitution Hill junction
  • More pedestrian space at the junction of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner

St James's Park

  • New signalised pedestrian crossings at the junction of Horse Guards Road/Birdcage Walk
  • A segregated two-way cycle track on Birdcage Walk and Spur Road
  • Wider footways and simplified pedestrian crossings at Buckingham Gate and Link Road

Victoria Embankment

  • A segregated two-way cycle track on Victoria Embankment
  • Signalised cycle crossings allow cyclists to enter and exit the cycle track at side roads on Victoria Embankment
  • Opening Carmelite Street to southbound traffic
  • Converting one of the slip roads at Blackfriars Bridge to pedestrian and cycle use only

Upper and Lower Thames Street

  • A segregated two-way cycle track along Upper and Lower Thames Streets
  • Lambeth Hill is one way to traffic with a contra-flow for cyclists
  • Pedestrian crossing and junction improvements
  • Traffic signal changes allow cyclists to proceed before other traffic
  • Traffic signals for two-stage left and right turns at Arthur Street and Queen Street Place
  • Bus and coach stop bypass for cyclists

Tower Hill

  • A segregated two-way cycle track on Tower Hill
  • Bus and coach stop bypass for cyclists
  • Pedestrian crossing and junction improvements
  • New traffic signals separate left-turning cyclists and vehicular traffic
  • A new northbound mandatory cycle lane on Mansell street
  • Improvements to Cycle Superhighway 3 on Royal Mint Street

Cycle Superhighway 3 (East-West) intersects at Blackfriars with Cycle Superhighway 6 (North-South).


We consulted on proposals for an East-West Cycle Superhighway in stages:

February 2016: Extension of the route from Paddington to Acton.

We have decided not to go ahead with a route from Lancaster Gate to Wood Lane via the A40 Westway. Instead we are looking at the feasibility of an alternative route along Bayswater Road, Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park Avenue and Wood Lane.

August 2015: Further proposals for a segregated cycle track along Spur Road.

February 2015: Detailed proposals for the route in Hyde Park and St James's Park, and on revised proposals at Lancaster Gate and Northumberland Avenue.

Find out more about the 2015 consultations.

September 2014: Initial consultation for the East-West Cycle Superhighway.