Cycle Superhighway 1

CS1 at Old StreetCGI impression of CS1 at Old Street

To improve safety for cyclists, other road users and pedestrians, we have built:

  • A route which will run mostly on quieter residential streets, with cycle lanes and tracks at some busier locations
  • Redesigned junctions to make them safer and more convenient for cycling
  • Traffic calming measures at many side streets to improve safety for everyone

This work is part of our Road Modernisation Plan.

The improvements

We introduced a number of improvements along the route to improve safety, including:

Old Street/Great Eastern Street

  • Signalised crossing points and marked cycle tracks providing a clear route
  • A new space for cyclists and pedestrians as vehicles (except emergency services) are longer be able to turn into/from Pitfield Street

Tottenham High Road

  • Segregated cycle track, separating cyclists from other traffic on the busy A10
  • Wider, safer and more convenient pedestrian and cyclist crossings
  • The cycle track continues behind bus stops, and bypasses the traffic lights at the junction of Tottenham High Road and Town Hall Approach Road

Why we built CS1

Cycling in London has more than doubled in the last decade. However, many existing and potential cyclists are not aware of direct cycle routes along quieter streets, such as the route that CS1 follows. Cycle logos on the carriageway and improved signage show cyclists where to go throughout the route.

The new route provides safer and faster cycling journeys than using the parallel A10. Cyclists pass through just eight traffic signals, compared with 54 traffic signals for the equivalent journey along the A10.


We consulted on the proposals for CS1 in February and March 2015. For details about the consultation and to read the consultation report, go to the CS1 consultation page.


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