CleanMobilEnergy - renewable energy pilot

About the project

As part of the project we are developing a city pilot to demonstrate how we can use locally generated renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.

We will install large scale photovoltaic energy generation and battery storage at one or more of our sites around the city and introduce innovative vehicle-to-grid electric vehicle charging.

This will allow us to:

  • Charge our electric vehicles from locally sourced renewable energy
  • Store spare energy so it is ready to use when we need it for example during peak demand on London Underground
  • Feed surplus energy from photovoltaic generation back into the national grid
  • Use our electric vehicles for short term energy storage and allow them to feed back into the grid when not in service

During the pilot we plan to integrate:

  • Up to 25 vehicle-to-grid bi-directional chargers for electric vehicles in our support fleet
  • Over 1 megawatt peak of solar photovoltaics at Acton Railway Engineering Workshops
  • Large scale battery energy storage
  • Connections to the building energy management systems and London Underground electricity grid
  • A purpose built intelligent energy management system to control energy flows

There are four city pilots in Arnhem, London, Nottingham and Schwäbisch Gmünd. We are coordinating activity between the city pilots. The project is being led by the City of Arnhem in The Netherlands.

Partner organisations

Gemeente Arnhem (lead partner)
POLIS Promotion of Operational Links and Integrated Services aisbl
Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies
The City of Nottingham
Europäisches Institut für Innovation - Technologie e. V.
Walvoorzieningen Nederland B.V.
Institut d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de l'île-de-France

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The total project budget is €7.2 million which is part funded by Interreg, of which €1.1 million will be allocated to TfL during the project lifetime from September 2017 until March 2021.

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