The number of people using Camden Town station is increasing - weekday demand has risen by 45% over the last ten years. At peak times, congestion means it takes longer to enter, leave and change between trains.

To manage this demand we regularly have to make the station exit-only, hold people outside the ticket hall and implement a one-way passenger system. If we do nothing, this will happen more often.

The station needs to be improved so that it can properly support the vibrant local community and economy.

Our proposal

We believe our customers would benefit from:

  • A new second entrance and exit to the station
  • More escalators
  • Step-free access from the street to trains
  • More space to change between trains

A possible site for a new station entrance is Buck Street, between Camden High Street and Kentish Town Road. It would provide more space, as well as three new escalators and two lifts for passengers.

Below ground there would be more circulation space to change between trains. In turn, this would allow future capacity expansion on the Northern line.

A new second entrance would reduce walking distances between the station and the north part of Camden Town, including Camden Lock. The existing station entrance will remain open, both during construction and following the completion of the upgrade works.

Our proposals do not involve any changes to the Electric Ballroom, Camden Market or Trinity United Reformed Church, and we will preserve the existing station.


In summer 2017, we ran a second consultation on our proposals to upgrade the capacity of the station. 97% of respondents supported our proposals. The full report detailing the responses, plus our response to the main issues raised, is on the Improving capacity at Camden Town consultation page.

During our first consultation on the proposals in 2015, 95% of respondents agreed there was a need to create more space in the station. Our analysis of the consultation, plus our response to the main issues raised, is on the 2015 consultation page.

In early 2017 we consulted on a development project above and around a new entrance proposed for Camden Town station. Overall, comments on these were positive. A full report on the consultation and the latest updates are on our page for development above the proposed second entrance on Buck Street.

We expect to hold another consultation later in 2018 on how the proposed second entrance might be built and how we would manage the impacts of the construction.

Transport and Works Act Order

Once we have analysed the results from our various consultations and developed our plans more, we will  apply for a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) to do the work needed. If granted, it will give us powers to construct the new station entrance from 2021.