The work will improve road safety, create more space for walking and result in a better town centre environment.

The improvements are part of a wider plan for regeneration in the area. Visit the Tottenham London website for details.

What we're doing

We will:

  • Widen pavements and shorten crossing distances at the junction with Bruce Grove to improve pedestrian safety and comfort
  • Introduce advanced stop lines at all signalised junctions so cyclists can wait ahead of other traffic
  • Repave footways along the High Road from building line to kerb, including the shop forecourts (subject to agreement with building owners). The existing lampposts will be kept
  • Move the signalised pedestrian crossing north of the junction with St Loy's Road to a more central location closer to Holcombe Road Market (opposite Lloyds Pharmacy). This will improve safety and be more convenient for pedestrians. An unsignalised crossing will also be put in place where the existing signalised crossing is, just north of the junction with St Loy's Road
  • Widen pavements on both sides of the relocated pedestrian crossing to improve pedestrian safety and comfort
  • Merge bus stops for northbound bus services near Bruce Grove station, reassigning bus routes to stops to reduce overcrowding
  • Install distinctive material at crossing points to improve facilities for pedestrians in the area


Our response to issues raised during the 2016 consultation can be found on the Bruce Grove A10 consultation page.