Bank & Monument

Map of proposed changes at Bank and Monument Map of the worksites and alignment of the new southbound Northern line tunnel

Bank and Monument together are used by more than 120 million passengers in a normal year.

Improving the station is critical to keep London working and growing.

Our plans

By 2022, the interlinked stations will feature several new escalators, a new station entrance and more room for Northern line passengers. This will increase capacity at the station by 40%.

The modernisation will include:

  • A new railway tunnel and platform for the Northern line that will reduce interchange times and create more space for passengers
  • Step-free access to the Northern line and improved step-free access to the DLR platforms
  • More direct routes within the station, with two new moving walkways
  • Two new lifts and 12 new escalators
  • A new station entrance in Cannon Street


Most of the construction work is taking place below ground to minimise the impact on this historically significant site which is bordered by 31 listed buildings.

The station will stay open to customers throughout the work.

Two main worksites are being used to construct the scheme:

  • The area bounded by Cannon Street, Abchurch Lane, King William Street and Nicholas Lane is known as the 'Whole Block' worksite. The new station entrance on Cannon Street, lifts and escalators will be built from this site
  • Most of the tunnelling works is taking place from the Arthur Street worksite. This means Arthur Street is closed to vehicles - however, pedestrians, dismounted cyclists and deliveries still have access

We aim to keep disruption to a minimum during construction and manage environmental impacts with industry best practices.

What we've done so far

  • The new, wider southbound platform and passenger concourse opened to customers on 16 May 2022. The new track was tied in to the existing network during the Northern line closure in 2022
  • At the Whole Block worksite, construction of the structure for the new station entrance on Cannon Street is now complete. We have finished installing the dividing walls to create operational rooms across 11 floors. Fit out works are now underway
  • More than 1000 metres of new tunnels have been built, including the three new escalator barrels which will offer a new direct interchange between the Northern line and DLR platforms once the project is finished
  • Waterproofing of the new tunnels, including the new southbound running tunnel and Central line moving walkway link, is complete
  • The excavation of a new lift shaft that will provide direct, step-free access from street to both Northern line and DLR platforms is complete
  • A new station entrance on Walbrook (at the Bloomberg building) opened in November 2018. With two lifts, four escalators and its own ticket hall, the entrance offers easier access to the Waterloo & City line
  • A major upgrade of the station communications systems within Bank station was completed in 2015


  • Late 2022: Bank station capacity upgrade works due to be completed. New station with step-free access opens on Cannon Street
  • Autumn 2022: DLR escalator and Central line link open
  • 16 May 2022: New southbound platform and concourse open
  • 15 January to 15 May 2022: Northern line closure
  • March to May 2021 - in line with Government advice, work at site stopped temporarily because of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Spring 2017: tunnelling starts
  • April 2016: works start
  • 15 December 2015: TWAO decision
  • 9 September 2014: apply for Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO)

A Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) granted by the Secretary of State for Transport came into force in January 2016. The TWAO authorises us to do the work and operate the new section of railway.

Northern line closure

The Bank branch of the Northern line was closed between Kennington and Moorgate from 15 January to 15 May 2022 so we could do essential work on the Bank & Monument project. This included:

  • Building the final sections of tunnel to connect the new tunnel to the existing infrastructure
  • Connecting the newly built southbound tunnel to the existing Northern line on either side of the station
  • Installing the final sections of new track
  • Removing track and services on the existing southbound tunnel in order to fill-in with concrete to complete the new concourse
  • Backfilling existing tunnel sections with foam concrete to provide stability
  • Fitting out the new southbound platform and concourse areas
  • Testing, commissioning and integrating the new systems
  • Familiarising staff on all new station areas and assets


Between them, Bank and Monument stations are served by five Underground lines as well as the DLR.

In 2019 we had 110,000 passengers using Bank station during the morning peak period, about 44,000 of whom were changing between lines.

The two stations consist of three ticket halls, six lifts, 10 platforms, 15 escalators and two 300-foot moving walkways, making one of the largest and most complicated subterranean railway complexes in the world.

Our proposals follow public consultations held in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.